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Former NBA star Shawn Kemp arrested in connection with drive-by shooting


Former NBA star Shawn Kemp has been arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting in Tacoma, Washington. No one was hurt.

Online jail records show Kemp was booked for investigation into a felony drive-by shooting shortly before 6 p.m. Wednesday.

A Pierce County Superior Court schedule showed the 53-year-old Kemp was scheduled to appear in court Thursday afternoon, though Adam Faber, a spokesman for the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, said that would only happen if charges are filed.

No charges had been filed as of Thursday morning.

Kemp, who owns two licensed cannabis shops in Seattle, was a six-time NBA All-Star who played for the Seattle SuperSonics from 1989 to 1997. He also played for Cleveland, Portland and Orlando.

Kemp made his NBA debut during the 1989-90 season when he was 20 years old and had never played college basketball. He became known for his high-flying athletic dunks.

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