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Former FC Bayern professional goes for Reus and Hummels


After Borussia Dortmund’s crushing 4-2 defeat in the top game at FC Bayern, the prospects of an exciting Bundesliga title race are dwindling again. The former Munich Mario Basler does not leave a good hair at BVB – and makes fun of the veterans Marco Reus and Mats Hummels.

“If you have a captain like Reus, who you don’t see in games like this, he’s not a captain either. It’s not a player who goes ahead, who pulls a team along, who has leadership qualities,” the 1996 European champion rumbled in his Podcast “Basler shoots”.

What’s more: “As long as Hummels and Reus are still playing for Dortmund, Dortmund will not win any more titles. The time is over,” said Basler.

“There’s someone at Borussia Dortmund who wears the armband for a walk, who gets a grade 6 in a game against Bayern Munich. So a lot has happened to me. But if I got a grade 6 in a top game – then they would have it for me Had to chop off legs if that had happened,” Basler continued to etch in the direction of Reus, who, unlike Hummels, had played against FC Bayern from the start.

“Pants full” at BVB against FC Bayern?

Unsurprisingly, Basler also expressed a clear opinion on the contract poker between BVB and Reus, whose contract expires in the summer.

“If I were Marco Reus, I would sign immediately. He now wants to have a term of two years or longer. Marco Reus, I advise you to sign because you won’t find another club at 35,” said the 54 -year-olds.

With a view to the BVB defeat in Munich, Basler also sees a psychological component. “They always have their pants full when they come into the stadium, when they see the Bayern players, they shit their pants. They could have gotten five, six, seven if Bayern played normally. “

In the end, it was “simply sad” how BVB, despite their good starting position as leaders of the table, sold themselves before the game in the Allianz Arena, said Basler.

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