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Former employees accuse presidential candidate Marianne Williamson of ‘tyrannical’ and ‘dehumanizing’ abuse


Presidential unlikely Marianne Williamson has responded to a “hit job” story that she claims is abusive to employees by denying some claims while confessing that she is still growing.

The 70-year-old spiritual leader, who launched her second improbable run for president earlier this month, was the subject of a Politico article Thursday morning in which a dozen former employees of her failed 2020 campaign described her as a tyrannical hypocrite prone to “foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage.”

“If I’ve been a tough boss, if I have some lessons to learn, which obviously maybe I do, then I expect to learn them.” Williamson told the BBC’s Americast podcast.

The Politico article accused the best-selling author of throwing her phone at a staff member, yelling until workers cried, and throwing a tantrum in which she had to be hospitalized after slamming a car door. Williamson denied throwing a phone at a staff member.

A 2019 resignation letter from her former Iowa State campaign manager called the left-leaning candidate’s behavior “denigrating, abusive, dehumanizing and unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, his former New Hampshire state director said the Politico story sounds pretty good. Williamson called that former staffer a man “trying to get back” to Democratic party politics.

Despite earlier vowing to defeat his opponents with love, Williamson told the BBC that playing hardball in politics is not an anomaly, stating: “I’m not running for sainthood here.”

He also called some of Politico’s reporting “slanderous.”

Her Marianne 2024 website says: “A new kind of American, a new kind of thinker, and a new kind of citizen, must now emerge.”

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