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Former Democratic Congressman Charged With Fraud

WASHINGTON — A federal grand jury in California has indicted Terrance John Cox, a former Democratic representative from Fresno, with a series of financial crimes, including attempting to divert campaign contributions during his 2018 election campaign.

Mr. Cox, 59, known as TJ, faces 28 charges including wire transfer fraud, money laundering and making a campaign contribution under the name of another person, according to a criminal complaint a federal judge unlocked Tuesday.

Mr. Cox diverted $25,000 in illegal “straw” contributions into his 2018 campaign to secretly “fund and repay relatives and associates for donations to his campaign,” prosecutors from the Eastern District Attorney’s Office said. from California.

The FBI arrested Mr. Cox on Tuesday morning. He would be arraigned later in the day.

Attempts to contact Mr. Cox and his attorney were not immediately successful.

The charges, many of which stem from Mr Cox’s tenure as head of a community development company, also relate to several complex financial transactions from 2013 to 2019. If convicted, he could face millions in possible fines and up to 20 years in prison. to get. up to 30 years.

During that period, prosecutors said, Mr. Cox received more than $1.7 million in customer payments, business loans and investments that “he asked and then stole.”

In 2018, Mr. Cox toppled David Valadao, the incumbent Republican, in a competitive swing district. But Mr. Valadao defeated him two years later, in an election that later revealed that… campaign contributions to Mr. Cox were diverted to one of Mr. Cox’s real estate companies.

In recent months, the Justice Department has been prosecuting a handful of cases against Democratic officials.

They include a bribery case against a former New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin; charges against a former Florida governor Andrew Gillum; and an extortion case against Michael Madigan, the former Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives.

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