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Former CDPR developers found the Blank development team


A group of industry veteran developers, formerly of CD Projekt RED, has announced the creation of a new studio named Blank, which is said to be “committed to bringing gamers well-crafted and unique experiences” and will focus on “new territory rather than overcrowded territory”.

The studio is founded by developers who have worked on several mega-projects, such as Mateusz Kanik, who directed Cyberpunk 2077 and co-directed The Witcher 3, serving as the studio’s game director. Other co-founders include Executive Producers Jędrzej Mróz and Marcin Jefimow from CDPR and 11 Bit Studios, as well as Managing Director Mikołaj Marchewka.

The studio is looking to eventually expand its team to 60 people as it gets to work on its first project, Blank’s first game is described as “a character-driven game set at the end of the world, with a surprise or two”, and the team has also shared their first art image for the title which can be seen below.

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