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Former BP boss Bernard Looney ditched as campaigner for women in business


Former BP boss Bernard Looney dumped as campaigner for women in business

Ousted: Former BP boss Bernard Looney

The disgraced former BP boss lost his position in a group campaigning for female representation in business.

Bernard Looney was forced to resign from the oil giant earlier this week over his personal relationships with staff.

And yesterday he was removed from his position as chief ambassador for 25×25, an organization that pushes for more female CEOs. The Irish businessman, 53, admitted to misleading an investigation into his personal relationships with his colleagues.

Looney’s departure from 25×25, which is campaigning for 25 women to be FTSE 100 chief executives by 2025, was triggered when she resigned from BP on Tuesday night. BP’s board of directors launched an investigation into her personal relationships with colleagues in May 2022 after an anonymous tip.

No violation of the company’s code of conduct was found at the time, but Looney admitted this week that he had not been “completely transparent” with the investigation.

In an interview to promote the release of 25×25 in 2021, Looney said: “I think the data is pretty clear. The world hasn’t been fair when it comes to women and racing. She said her goal was to make BP a ​​”conducive environment for women to succeed.” But she admitted: “We have a lot of problems.”

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