Forget the iPhone XS: the iPhone 9 could be the secret hit of Apple

The iPhone X will have a major impact on all three new iPhones

Apple plans to release three new iPhones simultaneously on September 12 for the second time in the 11-year history of the iconic device.

And for the first time in the iPhone's existence, Apple was able to let three new handsets land on the store shelves at the same time, after the iPhone X arrived later than 8 and 8 Plus last year.

That's going to give you, the people who buy iPhones, a tricky decision, because you have to deal with a number of price points and functions.

When you sign up to place an order (from September 14th on the basis of rumors) or pick up your new iPhone (possibly 21 or 28 September), you will probably have to choose between the iPhone XS, the supersized iPhone XS Plus or the & # 39; affordable & # 39; iPhone 9.

Although each phone has its own dedicated user base, there is a new iPhone that will make most people more attractive. The iPhone XS.

Why the iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS gives you the latest advanced features from Apple, in a form that can be used almost with one hand and yet is attractive for those who want to boast the latest and greatest technology.

The phones that are tipped to clamp on the iPhone have their own draw, whether it's the rumored supersized, 6-inch OLED display of the iPhone XS Plus (called the iPhone XS Max) or the advertised & # 39; cheaper & # 39; price of the iPhone. iPhone 9.

For some, one of these phones will fit perfectly.

However, many will probably quickly reject the iPhone XS Plus because they are too big and too expensive, because it is most likely the most expensive iPhone of all time.

Then there is the rumored iPhone 9 that has been tipped to make some compromises of the XS models. If you are looking for the latest and best from Apple, it is unlikely that this model offers it.

The company based in Cupertino, California can choose to bless the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus with new features that pull the heads, while the iPhone 9 is missing.

If you are preparing to invest a significant amount in a new iPhone, it is a good idea to spend a little extra on paper to go to the XS.

It will probably pack the same power and functions as the XS Plus into a more manageable and slightly more affordable package, without lowering itself to the most economical option.

But the iPhone XS may not be the iPhone that you end up with.

The iPhone X will have a major impact on all three new iPhones

You probably will not buy it

Dig a bit deeper into the rumors of the iPhone, and although the iPhone XS may still look most attractive on paper, it seems that the compromises Apple has to make on the iPhone 9 may be the right one for many.

One of the main differences between the rumors iPhone 9 and the XS duo is the screen technology, the latter being set to colorful OLED panels, while the first is stuck & # 39; on an LCD screen.

But the problem is that Apple has used LCD screens on every iPhone to the iPhone X, and although the screens may not have been the largest or highest resolution on the market, they were always clear, bright and colorful. If you own an iPhone other than X, you do not have to worry about this.

Leaks also point to Apple's new A12 chipset with all three handsets, making the iPhone 9 the same engine as its more expensive siblings.

It will probably be packed into less RAM, but historically, thanks to the excellent software integration, Apple used less RAM in its phones than in the Android competition, so this should not let too many alarm bells ring.

The finish might not be that great either, but it's said to still be a combination of metal and glass, while you'll probably find a 6.1-inch display on the front with very thin edges and the mandatory notch, it looks like the XS pair.

The rear view camera is perhaps another area where Apple is located, and offers slightly more basic than its XS counterparts, but again for many the basic level of image quality that Apple offers is more than adequate for daily snapping.

It can be the affordable & # 39 ;, even & # 39; cheap & # 39; iPhone, in rumored rounds and lap reports, but it could well be the iPhone 9 that takes up the space in your pocket, even though the iPhone XS steals the show.

We know for sure what your choices will be on September 12 when Apple announces its new iPhone line-up, and TechRadar will report live to the Steve Jobs Theater to bring you the latest news as it happens.