Ford Ranger motorist gets up to polices after dropping off to sleep at Preston drive-through in Melbourne

Aussie guy drops off to sleep in a drive-through before getting up to a cops breathalyser test

  • Young motorist has actually licence suspended and Ford Ranger took
  • Went to sleep at the wheel at quick food-drive-through after night out
  • Woken by authorities and was presumably 5 times over legal limitation 

An alleged drunk driver was left red-faced when he received a wake-up call from police after he nodded off at the wheel at a drive-through.

The young man was craving fast food on his way home early Sunday morning after a big night out and stopped at a fast food restaurant in Preston in Melbourne’s north-east.

Police were called to the Bell Street venue following reports a man driving a Ford Ranger had fallen asleep at the wheel while placing his breakfast order.

A young Melbourne driver was busted by police after he fell asleep behind the wheel at a fast food drive-through

Instead of being asked ‘would you like fines with that?’, the driver woken up with police tapping on his window, armed with a breathalyser.

The man, 20, underwent a breath test which allegedly returned a positive result.

He was taken to a police station where he allegedly returned a reading of 0.233, almost five times over the legal limit.

His licence was immediately suspended while his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

The Preston man will also be charged with drink driving offences.

The Man Returned A Blood Alcohol Reading Almost Five Times Over The Legal Limit (Stock Image)

The man returned a blood alcohol reading almost five times over the legal limit (stock image)

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