(For Southeast Asia) RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE to receive PlayStation®Partner Awards 2021 Japan Asia GRAND AWARD


(CAPCOM Co.,Ltd)

Experience the next generation of survival horror

RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE is truly the next generation of survival horror games, leveraging the full performance of the PlayStation®5 to create a more immersive experience through both visuals and sound, using graphics that are almost real and lifelike. 3D audio that moves the player’s fears. VILLAGE breaks new ground in the internationally celebrated RESIDENT EVIL series, with over five million units shipped* by the end of October 2021.

RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE was one of three chosen titles to be developed in the Japan/Asia region with top sales worldwide between October 2020 and September 2021**
*Includes digital sales.
** Physical and digital sales via PlayStation®Store are included in the calculation (including additional content and sales in digital currency).

Tsuyoshi Kanda
CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

On behalf of the development staff and all others involved in the project, we are honored and delighted that RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE has received the GRAND AWARD. The development team put their heart and soul into producing a game that would deliver an immersive and immersive next-generation experience based on the concept of desperate.
Thanks to the massive response you’ve shown to the game, we’re working hard on additional downloadable content, so stay tuned. Our desire is to contribute to the continued growth of the gaming industry by making games worth playing and asking for your continued support.

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