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For iPhone users.. Siri also helps you take pictures

The voice assistant (Siri) Siri available on various Apple devices helps to accomplish many tasks using voice commands, for example: you can request to contact someone from Siri on the iPhone, set reminders, take a photo or open the camera application and then take you Image yourself, and many other tasks.

In this article, we will explain how to use Siri to take photos on the iPhone in more than one way:

1- How to take a photo on iPhone using Siri:

You can use the voice assistant Siri on the iPhone to take a picture without having to hold your phone, but after setting up a shortcut with the voice command for taking pictures. Here’s how to do it:

1- Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

2- Click on the Gallery tab.

3- Type (Say Cheese) in the search box.

4- Click on the Say Cheese option.

5- Click the Add Shortcut button to incorporate it into your Siri commands.

6- To customize this shortcut, such as changing the camera or typing another phrase for Voice Command, tap the three-dot button to go to the Voice Command settings page where you can make your changes.

7- After setting up the voice command, at any time you want to take a picture using the voice assistant Siri, say: (Hey Siri, Say Cheese) or (Hey Siri … then say the phrase you chose), and the phone’s camera will take the picture.

8- When you use this shortcut for the first time, it will ask for permission to save photos in the gallery. Make sure to agree to grant permission to access the gallery by clicking on the Always Allow option, so that the phone will automatically save the photos you take using Siri for the next times.

2- How to open the Camera app using Siri to take a photo or video on your iPhone:

When you follow the first method, you can take a picture without having to use your hands, but you can make use of Siri to open the camera app to the option you require, and then take the photo or video yourself.

1- To take a photo with the back camera using Siri, follow these steps:

Say: (Hey Siri) Hey Siri.

Say: Take a picture, or Take a panoramic picture.

The Camera app will open to the option you requested.

take a picture.

2- To open the Camera application to one of the video shooting options available in the Camera application using Siri, and then start recording, follow these steps:

Say: (Hey Siri) Hey Siri.

Say: Take a video, Take a slow motion video, Take a Time-Lapse video.

The Camera app will open the option you requested.

Start recording the video.

3- You can use the voice assistant Siri to open the front camera and then take a selfie by following these steps:

Say: (Hey Siri) Hey Siri.

Say: (Take a selfie) Take a selfie The Camera app will open on the front camera.

Take a selfie.