Footy club had to pay $ 500 for singing team songs, but they refuse to stop cursing

Footy club forced to pay a $ 500 fine for singing their team song after competitions – but they refuse to stop cursing

  • The South Mandurah Football Club has received a $ 500 fine for curses
  • The fine comes from excited players who have the & # 39; F-bomb & # 39; dropped into their team song
  • Blasphemy has been exchanged for & # 39; bloody & # 39; in the row & # 39; kick their damn dick & # 39;
  • Club president Greg Barnard says the fines hurt the small club

A football club has been fined $ 500 for singing their team song after matches – but they have refused to stop cursing.

The South Mandurah Falcons, in Perth, received the Peel Football and Netball League (PFNL) penalty for dropping the & # 39; F-bomb & # 39; in their team song.

The blasphemy is not included in the lyrics of the team song, but has been replaced by excited players who & # 39; bloody & # 39; swap in line, & # 39; kick their damn *** & # 39 ;.

The South Mandurah Football Club (photo) is fined for swearing in the team song.


The South Mandurah Football Club (photo) is fined for swearing in the team song.

Club chairman Greg Barnard told Daily Mail Australia that it is sometimes difficult to get the boys in line after a big result.

& # 39; You get 22 guys after a win, with the reserves and under nineteen, you come to someone else's home field, in the excitement of it all it's hard to calm the boys down, & # 39; said Barnard.

& # 39; It has been going on for years. & # 39;

Life members beg the players to clean up their language for violating PFNL's code of conduct, and the fines are piling up.

& # 39; If it is going to cost the club, we have to get the boys to put their heads in it & # 39 ;, Barnard continued.

& # 39; We are just a small club and $ 500 really hurts our bank account. & # 39;


Barnard will introduce the boys to move their celebrations from the oval and the gallery to the barns to keep the PFNL happy.

& # 39; We are in a great competition and I know boys will be boys, but we are going to keep the celebration indoors and sing the right rules. & # 39;

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