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Foodies left drooling over McDonald’s mouth-watering loaded fries hack.


Foodies are losing their minds over McDonald’s loaded fries hack: ‘My mouth is watering’

  • Customer creates loaded fries from McDonald’s
  • It combines french fries, burger pieces and snacks
  • Foodies top off the meal with delicious sauces

Foodies have been left drooling at the woman’s McDonald’s hack she used to make loaded French fries.

Lauren Griffiths, from the UK, combined pieces of a cheeseburger plus mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders with a large serving of French fries and topped with sweet and sour sauces and curry.

Although some of the ingredients she used are not currently available on Macca’s Aussie menu, the hack caught the attention of thousands of Australians.

Mozzarella sticks and curry sauce were last available in Australian restaurants in July last year for a limited time, but many are hoping they will return.

McDonald’s fans called Lauren’s loaded potato trick, which she tried and customized after seeing them all over social media, “delicious” as many were eager to try their own version.

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Lauren Griffiths (pictured), from the UK, sent foodies on a spin after she shared how she made ‘phenomenal’ loaded fries using McDonald’s burgers, snacks and sauces

Lauren combined large fries with cheeseburger patties, mozzarella sticks, and chicken tenders and topped them with two delicious sauces.

Lauren combined large fries with cheeseburger patties, mozzarella sticks, and chicken tenders and topped them with two delicious sauces.

“I couldn’t do this,” Lauren said on TikTok video After she saw the French fries trend going viral on the Internet.

In a plastic bowl, Lauren poured the contents of a large potato and shredded chicken pieces.

While chicken selections are also not on the Australian menu, customers can substitute them for giant chicken nuggets.

How to make an Australian version of McDonald’s loaded potato hack

What do you order?

  • Big potato
  • Double cheeseburger with extra pickles
  • Chicken McBites
  • Sweet and sour sauce
  • Special Big Mac sauce


  1. Pour the large French fries and chicken McBites into a bowl
  2. Slice the cheeseburger and scrape the onions, pickles and salsa over the fries
  3. Cut the burger patties into small pieces and add them to the bowl.
  4. Put the lid on the container and shake it to mix fries, snacks and burgers
  5. Drizzle the two sauces on top and enjoy

“Then I got a double cheeseburger and asked for more pickles, so that’s the moment of truth,” Lauren said before finding out she was only given four pickle slices.

I scraped the onions, ketchup, and pickles from the burger over the fries, and broke both slices into small pieces.

She said, “This looks amazing, look how amazing this looks.”

Lauren then added mozzarella sticks to the mixture and closed the lid of the container to shake the fries and mix with the sides and burger bits.

Finally, you top it with sweet and sour sauces as well as curry sauce before you cook it.

“I can’t tell you how good it is, it’s amazing,” said Lauren, rating the meal a 10 out of 10.

“I can see why this trend is absolutely crazy because it’s crazy.”

Lauren’s loaded fries have garnered over 4.3 million views and stirred up food lovers in the comments.

One of the women replied, ‘My mouth is running out of water.’

“One thing I sorely miss from the UK is sweet curry sauce from McDonald’s. repeat.

“Why did I never think of this?” Third request.

A fourth wrote: “I’m going to try this with french fries, a Big Mac (cut into tiny pieces with scissors), baby nuggets and a dollop of Big Mac sauce.”

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