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Following In The Footsteps


Lisa Sawyer

What at first influenced you to enter the hospitality company? My dad began Budget Host when I was 13. Among my earliest tasks was packing marketing mailers to let independent motel owners understand about Budget Host. My dad motivated me to study what interested me and follow my own course, however I continued to carefully follow the development of business. After ending up college at the University of Texas– Austin and working for 10 years, I signed up with Budget Host as marketing director. It was a benefit to get to deal with my daddy till his death in 2007.

Who were a few of your coaches or good example, male or female, and what were their most important lessons? My dad was my most substantial coach. I am grateful I had many years to gain from him. Expense Long, Budget Host’s veteran Quality Assurance Director, is a fantastic function design. He easily shares what he’s gained from numerous years in the market from functioning as a director at AAA to owning his own QA consulting company.

In your viewpoint, how is the accommodations market performing in regards to getting females into management positions? Hospitality is a male controlled market. When I began in the late 1990s there were really couple of females executives. It’s been interesting to view that develop. I think there is large acknowledgment that ladies work business leaders. The future is intense for ladies in the market!

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