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Floyd Mayweather ‘is BROKE’, claims YouTuber Jake Paul after ‘failing to pay his brother Logan’

YouTuber Jake Paul has suggested that boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather has not paid his brother for their demonstration match because he is ‘broken’.

His older brother Logan lasted the entire eight round bout with Mayweather over a year ago and has repeatedly suggested that he has not been paid in full for the fight.

This claim has been denied by Mayweather, but Jake has backed up his brother’s argument with his comments suggesting the boxing legend has lost his £1bn fortune.

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Logan Paul Has Suggested He Wasn’t Paid For His Exhibition With Floyd Mayweather

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His Brother Jake Paul Has Claimed Mayweather Didn’t Pay Logan Because ‘He’s Broke’

In an interview with Rob MooreJake said, ‘Floyd Mayweather is broke. I’ve been saying it all the time. I think he probably spent it on the girls he pays to be around him.”

The comments come after Logan took to Instagram earlier this month to take a jab at Mayweather on the one-year anniversary of their fight.

He said, “A year ago today I fought Moyd Fayweather.

“It’s hard to hit, but even harder to cash in. Who am I supposed to fight now?’

Mayweather was expected to earn £52 million from the fight, and Logan received £15 million from the purse.

The boxing legend dismissed the American YouTuber’s claims as “bull****” and also claimed that Paul had suggested the pair should hold a second exhibition match since then.

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Floyd Mayweather denies Logan’s claims, saying he ‘doesn’t entertain his bull’

“This is the guy who said he wasn’t getting paid, which we know is really fake, that’s why I don’t often entertain the bull,” Mayweather said at the press conference to announce his last exhibition fight, against the Japanese mixed martial artist Mikuru Asakura.

“We know he got paid and if he didn’t get paid he wouldn’t try to get another payday. It’s so crazy that Logan Paul wants to do an exhibition again, but it’s the same guy who said he didn’t get paid. It is what it is.’

Logan responded to the claims on Andrew Schultz’s blatant show in which he mocked the undefeated 50-0 boxer’s inability to score a knockout victory over him.

He said, ‘Floyd Mayweather, you hit a drunken idiot, read my lips. Oh wait, you can’t. Where’s my money, b****? Floyd didn’t pay me for our fight.

‘Who am I, the tax authorities’ [Internal Revenue Service]† You can’t dodge taxes the way you do, dummy. How can you call yourself the greatest of all time if you couldn’t even finish me? What am I, high school? Your punches are softer than the pillow Conor McGregor makes Dillon Danis bite.”

Their eight round exhibition game ended in a draw as Mayweather was unable to eliminate Paul

Their eight round exhibition game ended in a draw as Mayweather was unable to eliminate Paul

Mayweather previously referred to Paul’s allegations in February when he said it “may take a while” to receive the money.

“This is part of the territory,” Mayweather said The Pivot podcast.

“For them, that’s real money, and I love the YouTubers. The money on the back, from pay-per-view, that takes a while, though.

“Nothing comes right away. I’m still collecting checks from fights seven or eight years ago.

“They just hate it when the table is turned. Be happy with the biggest payday you ever got in your life.”

Jake Paul’s claims come despite the fact that “Money” Mayweather has become one of the highest paid athletes in the world during his boxing career.

Paul's broken claims come despite Mayweather making a fortune of £1bn during his career

Paul’s broken claims come despite Mayweather making a fortune of £1bn during his career

In May 2021, Mayweather told the show ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’: ‘I’ve made a billion.’

‘I achieved that four years ago. [Now I’m] over $1.2 billion. I knew from the start that I was the best in boxing, from day one.

“I just knew I was better than any other fighter. There will never be a fighter better than me, ever.

“Tell me another fighter who defeated 16 world champions in a row? Tell me another fighter who made $650 million in just two fights? †

“For Pacquiao I made $300 million, for McGregor I made $350 million.”

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