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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on a visit to Japan ahead of a possible announcement of his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election


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Florida Governor Ron De Santis is visiting Japan at the start of an international tour that will also take him to South Korea, Israel and Britain, promoting it as a tour to enhance commercial opportunities for Florida, while it is believed that it is a move by the Republican governor to enhance his international and diplomatic presence before he officially announces his candidacy for the US presidential elections in 2024. De Santis commended Japan’s work to bolster its military defenses and stated that “a strong Japan is in the interests of the United States.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday praised Japan’s work to bolster its military defenses, at the start of an international visit from Tokyo, ahead of announcing his possible candidacy. US presidential elections.

It is widely believed that the Republican ruler He will submit his candidacy to the presidential elections in 2024. His tour, which includes Japan, South Korea, Israel and Britain, is seen as an attempt to strengthen his diplomatic and security cards before such a step. De Santis and his wife, Casey, are making this tour under the official title of promoting Florida’s commercial opportunities, which the governor tried to build on by talking about the attractiveness of his state in the economic aspect.

“We very much welcome your efforts to strengthen your defences,” de Santis told Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, referring to broad changes that Tokyo intends to introduce in its defense strategy and boost its military spending.

“We realize that you are in a difficult environment, with North Korea and the rise of the Chinese Communist Party,” he added, expressing his belief that “a strong Japan is in the interest of the United States, and a strong United States is in the interest of Japan. We hope that our country will be with you in every step.”

The state governor told the prime minister that Florida is “the largest market in the United States that does not have direct flights to Japan,” expressing his hope to meet airline officials to “try to do something about it.”

It is expected that the US presidential elections will receive interest in Japan, which relies heavily on Washington on defense issues, and hopes to maintain these ties, regardless of who takes power in the White House after the end of the current Democratic President Joe Biden’s term next year.

During his meeting with De Santis, Kishida said he hoped his visit would enhance “understanding of politics, economics and culture” in Japan.

Florida’s governor is scheduled to meet Japan’s Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Monday evening, before moving to Seoul, an ally of Washington.

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