Flights could be in danger due to a border crisis: Air Marshals have been deployed at the border

The head of an air marshals union warned of “another 9/11” if President Joe Biden doesn’t stop diverting this air force to help with the southern border crisis.

Sonia Labosco, executive director of the Air Marshal National Council, called on the Biden administration to stop sending air marshals to help with the migration crisis.

She told Fox & Friends First Monday morning that air marshals have been unable to perform their usual role of patrolling commercial flights because they have been diverted to the US-Mexico border — saying they are now on just 1 percent of flights.

“We’re decimated,” Labosco said. ‘We’re exhausted. We are on less than 1 percent of the flights.’

“These ground-based tasks they’re taking us out of the air to get to the border just destroy our chances of stopping another 9/11,” she warned.

Labosco told Fox that air marshals are “torn” about their duties, claiming they want to help at the border but feel they are not doing the job they were trained to do.

Executive director of the National Council of Air Marshal Sonia Labosco demanded that the Biden administration stop taking air marshals off the air and send them to the southern border. Labosco said air marshals are now on just 1 percent of flights ahead of one of the busiest travel times of the year – the holiday season

These Air Marshals Largely Perform Humanitarian Duties Beyond The Scope Of Their Training When Sent To The Southern Border

These air marshals largely perform humanitarian duties beyond the scope of their training when sent to the southern border

The Federal Air Marshal Service falls under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is also the agency responsible for securing the border and handling the migration crisis.

Republicans have called for the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, claiming he and Biden mismanaged immigration on the southern border into a full-blown crisis.

While 3,000 air marshals are highly specialized and trained to track high-risk flights on board, most have been taken down by Mayorkas and sent to the southern border.

Instead of keeping the skies safe around the busiest travel time of the year — the holidays — these deployed federal air marshals primarily do humanitarian work rather than counter-terrorism and transportation security duties for which they are trained.

“They have a humanitarian heart,” Labosco told Fox Monday. ‘As people, we empathize with what is happening at the border. However, it does not take away the responsibility or the oath that we as air marshals have to protect our aviation domain.’

She said the Biden administration has not gotten back to her after raising concerns over the weekend about flight safety risks now that air marshals are no longer on board 99 percent of flights.

“We even wrote him another letter this weekend because we had a level four and a level three incident. Level four means they tried to breach the cockpit. Level three, we had two, which means there was life-threatening behavior on one of those planes. One person had a straight razor to a passenger’s throat. So these are very serious incidents,” she said.

The diversion of air marshals to the border comes as the Biden administration plans to end the pandemic-era Title 42 migrant policy next month — just days before Christmas.

The First Month Of Fiscal 2023 Showed More Than 230,000 Meetings With Cbp, The Third-Highest Month In Recent History, All Under President Joe Biden

The first month of fiscal 2023 showed more than 230,000 meetings with CBP, the third-highest month in recent history, all under President Joe Biden

The imminent end of the policy is leading U.S. Border Patrol workers to prepare for a mass migration wave just before Christmas, according to six officers who spoke to the Washington Examiner.

Thousands of Border Patrol agents are bracing for a collapse of the migration system once Title 42 expires, a policy put forth at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic under President Donald Trump that allows immediate deportation of asylum seekers during a public health crisis . emergency.

The policy expires on December 21 — after President Joe Biden’s administration attempted to scrap the program earlier in May.

During the pandemic, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has for years succeeded in deporting migrants crossing the southern border back to Mexico without first processing them through the US immigration system.

The end of the policy comes as figures show that the number of encounters with illegal immigration at the southern border hit one of the highest numbers on record in October, ranking third through April and May earlier this year.

Us Border Patrol Agents And Employees Prepare For Utter Chaos On The Southern Border When Title 42 Ends On December 21, Just Days Before Christmas.  Pictured: Migrants Are Detained In Eagle Pass, Texas, On Nov. 8

US Border Patrol agents and employees are preparing for utter chaos on the southern border when Title 42 ends on December 21 – just days before Christmas. Pictured: Migrants are detained in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Nov. 8

The start of fiscal year 2023 came with CBP reporting encounters with 230,678 migrants at the southern border.

Border Patrol employees warn the crisis will only get worse if Biden finishes Title 42 next month.

“When Title 42 ends, we will see an already broken immigration system in all sectors completely overrun,” an agent told the examiner, who asked not to be identified by name, location or job title.

“There will be no choice but to prioritize administrative/detention functions over actual enforcement,” they added, explaining that officials should parole immigrants and release as many as possible to “create another large-scale media event.” to avoid’.

A senior agent in West Texas said, “Title 42 was a burst dam. We all know that if it breaks, a massive flood is coming. The stream of people coming in at once will cripple our already broken immigration system.”

“Customs and Border Protection have no choice but to release virtually everyone,” they added.

Agents Say Without The Ability To Return Migrants To Mexico, The System Will Become Even More Overwhelmed And Overrun

Agents say without the ability to return migrants to Mexico, the system will become even more overwhelmed and overrun

All six Border Patrol agents who spoke to the Examiner shared the same expectation that the agency will no longer be able to fully address the magnitude of the southern border crisis once Title 42 is no longer a useful resource.

A third agent said “everyone expects the flow to be crazy.”

The senior official at Border Patrol headquarters in Washington wrote, “The people waiting in Mexico will already be eager to get in as soon as possible.”

Even with Title 42 in effect, migration has reached an all-time high under Biden as his administration dismantled much of what had been set up under the previous presidency to suppress southern border crossings.

On average, CBP has detained 6,000 migrants every day since Biden took office. Such a sheer number of border crossings has already overwhelmed border agents and the entire US immigration system — especially as migrants are being released into the country rather than detained.

Because the immigration justice system is so behind schedule, some migrants released into the country may not have to appear in court until 2028.

A fourth Texas cop told the examiner that the end of Title 42 simply means even more pressure will be put on the Border Patrol agents.

“We can do all these people [Title 42] will now have to wait in custody to be processed,” they said. That means more field agents. Just more pressure on agents and resources.”


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