Flight mode no more? Passenger of an airline will be able to use their mobile phone on board jets.

Flight mode no more? Airline passengers are told they CAN use their cellphones on board jets

  • The European Commission has authorized airlines to provide 5G technology on board
  • Passengers will have access to common services such as streaming and messaging
  • The impact of using phones on operating systems is considered minimal



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Airline passengers in the EU will soon be able to use their phones in the air as they would on the ground, meaning that airplane mode may be coming to an end.

The European Commission has allowed airlines to offer 5G technology on planes, as well as slower mobile data.

Passengers will therefore be able to access the usual functions of their phones, such as streaming music, receiving emails and scrolling through social media as they would with their ground-based 5G mobile network.

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton said: ‘5G will enable innovative services for people and growth opportunities for European companies.

Passengers On Eu Flights Can Use 5G Technology To Stream Music, Movies And Access Social Media Just As They Would On The Ground

Passengers on EU flights can use 5G technology to stream music, movies and access social media just as they would on the ground

‘The sky is no longer a limit when it comes to the possibilities of super-fast connectivity with high capacity.’

The update will enable widespread use of 5G services — a technology that mobile network EE says will enable download speeds of 100 Mbps.

This means that a 600 MB movie can be downloaded in less than 37 seconds, according to the network.

EU member states have until June 30 next year to make the 5G frequency bands available.

It was previously thought that phones could interfere with automatic flight control systems, but the impact is now believed to be minimal.

Dai Whittingham, CEO of the UK Flight Safety Committee, told the BBC: ‘Experience has shown that the chance of a malfunction is very small.’

Concerns in the US that 5G use could disrupt flights are much less likely in the UK and EU, he said.

“We have a different range of frequencies for 5G and there are lower power settings than those allowed in the US,” Whittingham added.

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