Flight attendants reveal their weirdest experiences on board - including a woman who practiced yoga

Although aircraft may seem like a place to sleep and relax, they can be used for others as a dressing room, bedroom, and even a rehearsal studio.


Flight attendants and pilots, from all over the world, have revealed their weirdest experiences in an airplane, from a woman sitting on curlers in her hair to another doing yoga in the aisle and a man using a sanitary napkin as a sleep mask.

They brought the bizarre events on planes traveling between Seattle, London, Tokyo and other major cities on social media site Quora.

Flight attendants and pilots have revealed the weirdest experiences they have had while traveling on international flights (stock image)

As they wrote about their experiences on board, a former flight attendant revealed how a woman boarded San Francisco to London Heathrow as if she were ready to go to bed.


& # 39; While boarding, a woman arrived with curlers in her hair, not a makeup that wore sweat, & # 39 ;, wrote Kevin Barrett, who worked at airlines between 1987 and 2007.

& # 39; A real slob. We left and she fell asleep without taking any food. She drank a lot of water.

& # 39; About an hour before landing, she locked herself in one of the toilets.

& # 39; She appeared when we prepared for landing. She had a fresh face, makeup, perfect hair, heels and snakes, a beautiful dress and such.

& # 39; She got in the ugliest way and walked away nicely & # 39 ;.

A flight attendant explained how she continued to thwart a couple trying to join the mile-high club by watching them go to the toilet together (stock image)


A pilot who took people on short-haul flights said that a woman on board often did yoga during the flight.

& # 39; Probably the weirdest was a passenger who had a few & # 39; plane & # 39; yoga began to do.

& # 39; She used the chairs for stretching exercises, I think. Her husband didn't notice and her children ran around the entire hut. She would just change her attitude to get us started.


& # 39; I have flown that family several times and it has always been like that. The flights were not particularly long and the seats were large enough. & # 39;

And a flight attendant revealed how she thwarted a couple trying to reach the mile-high club.

& # 39; During this one flight I was in the back gallery to get supplies for the front gallery when I noticed a man entering a toilet and not locking it & she said.

& # 39; I don't think much about it, I continue my business and then I saw a younger woman walk back and try to enter the same toilet.

& # 39; So I said to her: & # 39; Sorry, it is busy & # 39 ;. She tried not to switch to the other, but when I turned my back, she tried to go to the same toilet again.


& # 39; What she didn't realize is that there is a small mirror on the back of our B737 that allows the flight attendants to see and follow the cabin.

& # 39; When I saw her hand reach for the handle, I turned around and repeated: & # 39; Again, sorry miss, but that toilet is busy & # 39 ;. So she sighed and went back to her chair.

& # 39; Moments later, the man leaves the toilet without a flush and returns to his seat.

& # 39; So I ended up grabbing supplies and walked forward, noticing that the female was gone and the male was alone in line.

& # 39; While I am storing my supplies, this guy comes up and goes to the front toilet, which was also occupied! Oh boy, here we go! & # 39;


Another flight attendant, who has worked on long-haul flights for the last 15 years, also revealed how a couple drank a whole bottle of tax-free XO Cognac during an international flight.

& # 39; Once a couple bought a bottle of tax-free XO Cognac on board more than a hundred dollars.

& # 39; After the landing and passengers left the plane, I saw that they had forgotten their duty-free drink.

& # 39; I screamed very loudly to tell someone at the door that "seat XX forgets their tax-free cognac". As I ran to take out the bottle and the bag, I discovered that the bottle was empty.

& # 39; We did not know that the couples drank that duty-free drink. None of us noticed it! & # 39;

An employee of the airline also revealed this bizarre story at an airport in Central Africa, about all passengers entering and leaving the flight.

& # 39; One day, while loading passengers for a flight, the first passenger, a great man, when he reached the stairs of the front door, remembered that he had left his suitcase in the departure lounge.


& # 39; The attendant, thinking at her feet, suggested that he would quickly go down the back stairs and pick up his briefcase and then rejoin the flight, as he was the first on board and would have enough time to do that.

& # 39; The big man walked down the aisle without stopping and then descended the back stairs and walked back to the living room over the concrete apron.

& # 39; The passenger who followed the man, assuming he was instructed to return to the lounge, followed him down the plane and down the stairs.

& # 39; The following passengers also assumed that the passengers had been instructed to go back to the lounge.

& # 39; The entire passenger group then walked through the plane and down the back stairs, and back to the living room where they sat down again.


& # 39; The attendant was left with an empty aircraft! & # 39;

And another flight attendant said that on a flight from Seattle to Narita outside of Tokyo a man went to sleep with one of the plane's self-adhesive maxi pads.

& # 39; I flew a transpac flight from Seattle to Narita and it was surprisingly light & # 39 ;, she wrote.

& # 39; In the rear part of the aircraft there are sometimes four to five seats left, depending on the row. So if there are empty seats, passengers take the entire line and lie down before the flight to sleep. And that is exactly what this one gentleman did.

& # 39; He was Japanese and carefully put his shoes on the floor next to him and put his pants folded at his feet.


& # 39; Then laid on his back to sleep before the flight. He was wearing a mask to cover his nose and mouth.

& # 39; On closer inspection, however, it was not a mask … it was a self-adhesive maxi pad from one of our bathrooms at the back! And he stabbed it in the face! & # 39;

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