Flickr now sells photo prints directly through its website

Flickr is adding a new feature to its website today: the ability to order prints of the photos you have posted there directly from the site.


The new options include metal and canvas art prints, 4 x 6 paper prints to send to family and photo albums (printed in collaboration with Blurb and Chatbooks). You can only print your own photos – which means that you cannot purchase prints from another photographer or use Flickr as an ad hoc store to sell prints of your own work to others.

The option to order prints will be quite prominent on the site: there is a new "Print" tab at the top of each page, and each image also has a direct link to order a print when you view it online.

The new feature is touted as an advantage of the new stewardship of the SmugMug photo site, which Flickr purchased in 2018 and already offers similar features for ordering prints for its more professional skewings services. But by adding print orders to Flickr, the company clearly hopes it will be able to expand those options to a larger number of customers in the future.

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