Flex Printing Machine Manufacturer

Colorjet is Leading Manufacturer of flex printing machine and digital signage in India. 

The invention of the Flex Printing Machine changed the face of Advertising and it is still being used in various industries today. This new innovation has added a new dimension to the banner ads by allowing the advertisers to present their message on the flex paper while they are erected. The flex printing machine cuts the standard banner length to the required size. Banner printing machines help to create the exact shape and size of the required banner ad, which is attached to the pole.

The benefits of this system include: superior quality flex printing, fast production, affordable price, variable heat setting ability and excellent long-term performance. The heat setting is another essential component that adds to the durability of the ad. The heat settings can be controlled to suit the requirements of the user. There is also media feeding facility that allows users to add additional graphics such as text and image.

The ad can be designed on the basis of the product details. There is a preloaded template where you can enter the product details like name, description, company name, address, and logo. If you are looking for a unique design, you can upload your own graphic. The unit is specially designed to print your product details in a complete and attractive manner. The product details will be printed on the custom square meter of the banner.

The heat-tunneled media feeding and full heating panel system features: superior quality, quick printing, improved ad longevity, easy application, minimal cleanup, reduced surface erasure and faster setup. The product information will be printed on a high quality, polyester finish banner. This unique feature gives you consistent color results and high-end performance. You can choose a variety of unit options. The colors are fully customizable.

The Flex Printing Machine has a unique processing strategy that uses the Squareville Electronic Measurement System or SEMS. The SEMS offers accurate measurement of the product in various different sizes and dimensions. The machine uses a high-speed USB data acquisition and digital print out technology. The printing machines come with a wide variety of options. The features and benefits include: flexible routing options, low voltage 230 volts, low heat output and superior quality, multi-task and all-in-one printing capability, full heating panel system, full voltage blinding and flexible routing options.

The Flex Printing Machine has an option for a free CD containing the software and complete user’s manual. It also has a guaranteed minimum order quantity for all standard and crossfeed features. It has built in test features to ensure quality performance. It is also easy to install and includes a full warranty. It is designed to meet the growing needs of today’s graphic printing and customer relationship management. It is designed to meet the needs of the printing industry through its powerful features and benefits that can be used in every industry sectors.

It can be used for printing and dimensional cross-stitching, envelope stuffing, custom label making and card making, and embroidery. The machine has a full-featured programmable LED display and an automatic control. The machine is equipped with a unique and user-friendly menu system. The customer can use the facility to make changes as and when required. The machine is guaranteed to meet the most demanding quality standards and it is manufactured to meet the highest international quality standards.

It offers the best value for money for your investment. You will get the latest price quotes from a reputable online printing company and get printing done on any size or shape of your choice. The printer has a cleaning system that uses a squeegee, brushes and a cleaning solution for ultimate performance. You have to feed the material to the cleaning system where the solution gets absorbed into the print material and leaves no residue behind.

It has the best features that helps you save money and time. It has full heating panel system where the heat is evenly distributed to all parts of the material reducing the number of runs. This enables you to get better quality products at half the cost. The banner printing machine is designed with simple and easy to understand user’s guide. The machine is portable and small enough to be carried from place to place. It has an aluminum extrusion that provides a durable and long lasting finish.

It comes with a five year warranty and offers the user zero maintenance cost for a lifetime. The user can save hundred to two hundred thousand runs depending upon the quantity of the product. The product also comes with a digital scale, which allows the user to weigh the merchandise before the pressing process starts. The user can get the latest price product details from the internet. The internet provides you with the details about the product along with its specifications, availability and shipment charges.