<pre><pre>Flappy Royale turns Flappy Bird into Fortnite

Flappy Bird is a game legend and one of the most explosively popular mobile games ever made. But what if it were more Fortnite?


That is the idea behind it Flappy Generous, a new game from developers Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker (with contributions from Zach Gage). It combines the endless, flapping gameplay of Flappy Bird with the last-bird-standing style of the generous genre of battle, that is already the rage nowadays.

Gameplay is simple, just like in the original game: tap your bird to flutter and dodge your way through some suspicious Mario-like pipes. Except that the goal is not to survive as long as possible; it is to survive longer than the other 99 players, who you all see fluttering next to you in real time. And because it is a royal fight, everyone naturally starts together on a bus.

It is a similar style to the recently released (and even more) recently DCMA & # 39; d by Nintendo) Mario Royale, which offered a similar "how long can you survive" gameplay, albeit with classic Mario stages instead of randomly Flappy Bird pipes.

In a regular turn flappy formula, there are adjustment options to make your bird stand out from the herd (another thing that has been borrowed from Fortnite), along with a "Daily Trial" mode that offers a preset course that players can try up to 10 times for a place on a global leaderboard.

Now, Flappy Generous is available on iOS and Android as an open beta, with a full launch scheduled for July 2019.