Five wonderful things to do in Solar Ash, available tomorrow

At its core, Solar Ash is a game about traveling at great speed through a vast world to discover its secrets. The main character Rei skates over wild cloudscapes, eerie landscapes and great ruins. She is a stranger in a strange and dangerous land – out of her depths, but she moves forward with incredible willpower and dedication.

Here are five great things you can do in Solar Ash…

1. Take out a giant lava bird monster

Rei encounters a wide variety of aggressively large creatures of all kinds, such as a huge bird-like monster that lives in the lava biome to the north. Why does it live in the scorching heat of such a volatile environment? Maybe you’ll find out. Victory requires great speed, careful balance and precise timing as you soar through the air high above the dangerous lava flow.

The seeping heat tempts the fools to jump. Only the educated survive.

2. Expand your costume collection

As she glides, jumps and flies through the world of Solar Ash, Rei can grab multiple pieces of gear from hidden or hard-to-reach spots around the world. These will give you rewards in the form of suit parts that can be assembled to unlock new bonus powers. These can be well worth your time to find and build and succeed on your journey through the Ultravoid.

Patience, vigilance and exploration are rewarded.

3. Track down an old ship graveyard

The Solar Ash universe contains a myriad of desolate, abandoned structures for Rei to glide over and through. Find the abandoned fleet soaring above the clouds, accentuated by the eerie glow of the sky. Grind, chop and platform this ominous scrap heap. Perhaps there is something, or someone, at the end of this once great hope to greet you?

Sometimes dilapidated ruins negate great rewards.

4. Collect a lot of space blood (and other trinkets)

Traveling alone through a rugged, strange landscape most of the time can be a perilous proposition. Fortunately, the game is full of collectibles, including Plasma, which Rei can use to upgrade her shields.

Players will also find a wide variety of research objects, Easter eggs, and side-quest-related items that unlock backstory elements from each of the worlds used by the Ultravoid. Guide Rei by discovering what happened to each of them, the terrible fate that befell their peoples, and the intricate mysteries surrounding the places themselves.

Enjoy the little moments of storytelling and knowledge.

5. Take a moment to recite a poem

It can’t all be ghostly architecture and destructive behemoths. During her journey, Rei encounters a number of eccentric characters. Talk to Ahrric, who shares an old poem that was used to talk to the “Elders”. Sure, friend. Whatever you say. Do you keep the poem in your memory? Or dismiss it as the strange gibberish of an even stranger, melodramatic creature?

The little things that are most neglected may be more important than you think.

There is so much more to Solar Ash. Find out for yourself when it comes out on December 2 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4!