Five Tips To Create A Relaxed Environment For Good Sleep

Your bedroom should feel similar to a sleep haven. It should be free from any distractions or anything likely to cause stress. Most people have different preferences when it comes to sleeping environments. However, sleep experts give these suggestions on sleep hygiene, which are also backed and supported by science.

  1. Appropriate sleep rooms are dark and cool

Most experts say that the best temperature ranges between sixty and sixty-seven Fahrenheit. 73% of Americans prefer darker rooms, which is according to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation. About 65% of the people use curtains, shades or blinds to maintain the darkness, for proper sleep.

  1. Silence and peace are bedroom joys during sleep time

Quiet is vital for falling asleep, as from the opinion of 74% of Americans. With this, most people tend to use cool and medium sounds to help counter uncomfortable and disruptive noises such as those from highway traffic. You can try using a fan which will counter loud noises and also keep your room cool. However, there are other better options such as soothing sleep casts or playing some soothing music. Sleep casts can run for roughly three quarters an hour and these could be good for creating a peaceful and stress-free sleeping environment. Sign up and begin making use of the Headspace app, to help establish a good environment for proper night sleep.

  1. Choose the right bedding and sleep position for you

A cozy mattress and pillows are necessary for proper sleep. Checkout Tempurpedic mattress reviews to find the ideal one for you. Nonetheless, its nature, whether a firm or soft depends on your choice and preference. Your preferred sleeping position may influence the kind of pillow you pick. For side sleepers, who are the majority, your pillow must comfortably hold up your neck, head, ear not forgetting the shoulder. For those who sleep on their backs, a thinner pillow is best to prevent causing stress on the kneck.

  1. Clear out your bedroom

In case your bed is comfortable, whereas if your room is untidy and messed up you are likely to experience poor sleep. People sleeping with litter in their rooms are at a higher risk of having sleeping disorders. This is according to a study presented at the Sleep Conference in Seattle in June 2015. The view by your eyes, as you get into a room is likely to affect your sleep, either positively or negatively. So, it is important to tidy your room as most of our parents warned us!

  1. Choose the pillow that suits you

In case you are allergic, always put into consideration pillow fills. The fills are usually different. Some are natural such as feathers from various birds and others are synthetic like latex, rayon or foam. Pick non-allergenic pillows to reduce the possibilities of breathing issues at night, which could hinder sleep.