Five reasons it’s time to break out your deep muscle massage machine

Are you a fitness fanatic? Do you believe in working out at least four times a week just to maintain your general fitness levels? Then you might want to consider including a deep tissue massage using your hand-held body massager every other week into your regimen. If you’re working out this hard then it’s common knowledge that your muscles will remain tight and knotty and you won’t be able to work out to your maximum potential.

Also, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and don’t work out at all or have never seen the inside of a gym then it is highly recommended that you should indulge in deep muscle massages and try out the full body massage mat too. . A deep tissue massage can help stimulate your muscles and save them before they get atrophied. Using the deep muscle massage machine while at work or on the couch at home will help to work your muscles a little, it won’t be enough but it at least would be cheaper than getting a physiotherapist later. 

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You will also need to devote enough time for each session with your deep massage machine. Most people think that a ten-minute session would suffice but no, for a deep tissue massage to work, the hand-held body massager should reach to the lower layer of connective tissues and that takes time.

Deep and sustained pressure on your lower connective muscles also breaks up the scar tissue that forms after hypertrophy or injury. An ideal deep tissue massage session with your deep massage machine should last at least 60-80 minutes. 

The reasons why it’s time to break out your deep muscle massage machine are- 


  • A superior workout experience 

When your muscles are relaxed and less stressed, you’ll be able to achieve an increased range of motion while working out. If you’re struggling with your form at the gym then a pre-workout deep tissue massage can work wonders for you. Also, with an increased range of motion, you will burn more calories and build muscles more efficiently. 


  • A better state of mind

What happens when you work out? Or more precisely, why do you feel good after you work out?

Because of the surge of feel-good hormones like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins inside your brain. These hormones help in lowering stress levels and are produced when you eat, exercise or indulge in carnal pleasures. If you’re one of those sedentary people mentioned before, deep massage machine can help you release these feel-good hormones 

while you’re in the comfort of your home.

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  • Better sleep

A bi-weekly deep tissue massage will not only help you feel good and it’ll help you sleep better, too. Using your deep massage machine before sleeping will mitigate your pain if you suffer from something like arthritis and the boost in serotonin you’ll receive will help you in sleeping better.


  • Increase strength and muscle mass

A deep tissue massage forces your muscles to contract and expand way faster than they normally would. Using the deep massage machine you can target different muscle groups around your body. The pulsating head of the deep muscle massage machine makes your muscles more active and helps them to preserve and restore muscle mass. Deep muscle massage machines are a boon for people with weakened muscles as a result of an injury or disease. Even athletes use hand-held body massagers to hasten recovery time and increase muscle mass.


  • Improve general wellbeing 

When you get into a routine which includes hourly sessions with your deep muscle massage machine, you’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. With time your lung function and capacity will increase and your blood pressure will decrease which in turn will improve your overall health

The bottom line is, you should incorporate a deep tissue massage with your hand-held body massager into your routine to lead a better and healthier life. 

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