Five proven ways to drive online traffic to your eCommerce website

After pandemic hit the mother earth, eCommerce has become the major source of shopping for people all over the world. In this regard, it’s imperative to keep your eCommerce store full of quality products with a low marginal rate to win the competition. However, what’s more, important is to win your competitors by properly optimizing your website by hiring an SEO company in Australia. In case you’re not sure how SEO specialists can contribute to your eCommerce success, here are some DIY hacks to bring more leads to your website.

Win Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are one of the easiest ways to win the competition if you can create useful information blog posts on your website. For example, you run an eCommerce store on skincare products. Now, instead of targeting low competition keywords from your niche through Ads, you can try to answer response questions from Google related to your products that people are looking for. Now, make those answer posts so unique that Google will feature them on the front page through Featured Snippet. Many websites are using this principle to drive traffic to their website without even ranking on the first page. Yes, you heard it right! It’s not necessary for you to stay on the first page to get featured. Google can consider your answer post as a featured snippet even if you are ranking on the fourth or fifth page.

More Answer posts than Pillar Guest posts:

It’s a common strategy of all SEO specialists to drop as many guest posts as possible in the public forum to gain eyeballs. However, it completely depends on the type of posts you create than the number of posts you are creating. An ideal SEO company in Australia would do the same. People tend to read more response posts than pillar posts. By response post, we mean the posts starting with “why”,, “how”, “when”, etc. If you target 50 response posts in a month versus 50 pillar posts, you will get more traffic for the first set of guest posts for sure. That’s how major eCommerce companies do organic business branding on various social media platforms through influencers.

Catch influencers from Pinterest

Having an active business account on Pinterest would give you 9% higher returns than being a non-user. Over the years, Pinterest has become the hottest eCommerce platform as it allows users to directly buy from the featured pins. In simple terms, you can add the product’s check-out option on its pin itself. Statistics show that around 87% of users have purchased from Pinterest with targeted marketing. That clears the air for you as a new eCommerce seller. However, before you do anything, first covert your account to a Business Account. It will give you access to various business tools and an analytics dashboard to make your job easy.

Use the “Frequently Bought Together” schema.

Upselling is one of the easiest ways to mint more profit, and any expert SEO company in Australia would agree with this point. You can see upselling in action everywhere- even big e-commerce brands like Amazon and BigBasket also follow this principle. Actually, Amazon first took this very best step a few years ago, and it helped the platform to increase its sale by 35%. It’s all about playing with the psychology of the buyer. When you recommend some complementary products along with the product selected by the customer with a message “people also buy these”, you positively manipulate their brains. And it works too. 12 out of 100 people fall for it, and when we talk on a big scale, these extra profits would not be that small.

Optimize your site speed

Most eCommerce websites forget to take care of their website speed in the first place. But most SEO specialists know this is the secret formula to success. Google doesn’t rank slow-loading websites on the first page- that’s the bitter truth. There are a number of ways you can improve your website speed. If you’re about to hire an SEO company in Australia recently, let them know about your website’s current speed and ask about their expertise in improving it in the first place.

End Thoughts

The tips shared above are just the tip of an iceberg. There are many ways to do the needful. In case you’re not sure how to handle it on your own, consider hiring Digital Muscle in the first place. They offer free website analysis on their official page to let you see the current score of your eCommerce website. Then you can request a call with their SEO specialists to understand how they can help you drive more traffic to your website to triple-fold your profit in the first place.