Five arrested in Melbourne protests against Nigel Farage

Protesters demonstrated outside Melbourne's Sofitel Hotel where British politician Nigel Farage was due to speak.

Five people have been arrested during a protest outside a Melbourne CBD hotel against conservative politician Nigel Farage.

About 200 demonstrators gathered in front of the Sofitel Hotel, where the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party gave his last speech on the Australian tour.

Five people were arrested, one for criminal damages, another for unrestrained conduct and a third for covering his face and assaulting the police, while two others were arrested for unrelated pending issues, police said.

The confrontations with people who tried to attend the event were aggressive and the police intervened several times.

The crowd was organized by the Coalition against Racism and Fascism (CARF).

Activists of the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism outside the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne.


Andrew Nolch, the man accused of defacing the monument to Eurydice Dixon after the recent rape and murder of the young woman, was one of those who entered the event.

Right-wing activist Neil Erikson was also seen entering.

"Nigel Farage you can not hide, we can see your Nazi side" and "The Nazis are racist, the Muslims are not" are among the songs that are shouted.

At least a hundred policemen are in the event, forming a deep barricade of four officers at the Sofitel entrance.

A protest organizer has just told the crowd that the event has succeeded in reducing attendance to the event.