Fit influencer Adriana Blanc reveals how different her body looks in four phots taken in one day

Personal trainer shares the real reason her body looks radically different in SAME day photos: ‘This is a few hours apart’

  • A personal trainer has revealed how different her body looks during the day
  • Adriana Blanc, 24, from the US, took four photos of herself over a 24-hour period
  • She looks noticeably different in every photo she’s shared with her 100,000 followers
  • Adriana deleted, edited or felt shocked and embarrassed about unflattering photos
  • Now she uses them to accept what her body looks like under different circumstances



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A young personal trainer has revealed how different her body can look in a few hours — and why she doesn’t like “Instagram vs. Reality” posts.

Adriana Blanc, from the US, shared the images with her 100,000 followers to show how you can become more comfortable with how your body can look under different circumstances.

The 24-year-old said coming to terms with how you look with different lighting, angles and poses can improve your body image more than seeing “real” photos of fit influencers online.

Fit influencer Adriana Blanc (pictured), 24, has revealed how different her body can look in different lighting, angles and poses by taking four photos of herself over a 24-hour period

The body positivity advocate shared four images of what she looked like over a 24-hour period.

In the first image, she’s wearing a pink bikini indoors and shows herself later that morning in the same swimmers on the beach posing and looking more toned.

In the afternoon she cleans up in a dressing room in a clothing store in her underwear and in the afternoon during a workout she looks slimmer.

Adriana used to struggle with her body image, but said she turned the way she turned pictures of herself she didn’t like into a “useful tool for neutralizing and normalizing our appearance in the millions of ways we appear in the world.”

“This is all me with a few hours apart,” the body positivity advocate wrote in a lengthy… after to her popular Instagram page.

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She said coming to terms with what your body looks like under different lighting, angles and postures can improve your body image more than seeing “real” photos of influencers online.

Adriana struggled with seeing pictures of herself that she didn’t like, but now sees them as a ‘useful tool to neutralize and normalize our appearance’

How to Stop Hating Pictures of Yourself and Accept ‘Bad’ Pictures

The next time you see an image that you don’t recognize or hate yourself, think about this:

What emotions come up in you?

Where do you feel it in your body? (heat in your face, burning sensation in your throat, nerves in your abdomen)

Can you sit with the discomfort of this emotion for a while instead of rejecting it altogether until you feel it disappear?

Can you accept that this snapshot captured one version of you, no matter how realistic it is or not?

Can you offer yourself comforting words or condolences?

Over time, this approach greatly diminishes the emotional charge you put on any image you see of yourself: an image that gives us a nanosecond snapshot of our complex existence.

Source: AdrianaBlancFit/Instagram

“The reasons why (pictures) can be difficult for our body image is because they capture a nanosecond of our existence, often from an angle we would never see ourselves and feel unfamiliar to use.”

She said any photo of yourself “distorts reality” because they are usually shot under specific angles, lighting, camera lenses, expressions, or movements that may never be replicated.

Adriana said she would tackle photos she didn’t like by avoiding photos altogether, editing them or feeling shame, shock and guilt and immediately deleting them or saying “terrible things” to herself that she would “never say to anyone.” friend would say’.

She said that while she was “relieved at the moment” by those things, she realized they were all signs of “rejecting her looks.”

“Which isn’t necessarily problematic unless you know that rejecting your appearance has consistently led to unfulfilled moments in life, like avoiding things you really want to do,” she said.

Ariana now looks at unflattering photos of herself ‘neutral with an ‘oh interesting!’ attitude but acknowledged that she fits a “small body” and “non-discriminatory” body type or beauty standard.

“So the next time you’re faced with an image that makes you question yourself, ask: Can I practice seeing this as an opportunity to normalize my own appearance?” she continued.

“Normalizing your own appearance (over time and with practice) will help your body image and relationship with yourself more than ‘insta vs reality’ posts ever will.”

Many of her followers used the comments to thank Adriana for sharing the “inspiring” and “real message.”

‘WOW! that’s crazy, thanks for this,” one woman said while another wrote, “I had to see this!”

‘I still fight negative thoughts every day. These are the kinds of posts that should be shared. This is empowering and every young girl should realize that this is reality and not striving for perfection but striving for health instead,” replied a third.


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