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First Reactions of ‘The Flash’ From CinemaCon: “Among the Best Superhero Films Ever”


The flash rushed to CinemaCon, where Warner Bros. showed the DC movie to theater owners nearly two months before its June 16 release.

The flash was the talk of the convention, and earlier in the day Warners made the film the closing of the presentation, with Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav. Discovery, of the feature film said, “It’s the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen.” (The director watched it three times.)

DC Studios co-head Peter Safran praised star Ezra Miller ahead of the screening, as did director Andy Muschietti, who said, “I found them to be an incredible comedian and also (managed) all the action needed for a great spectacle like this They wanted to do all the stunts, and I let them.

Miller stars in dual roles as different versions of Barry Allen, with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck playing different versions of Batman. Sashe Calle stars as Supergirl, while Michael Shannon reprises his role of General Zod from the 2013 feature film Man of Steel.

The film comes after a tumultuous 2022 for Miller, who was arrested multiple times last year and has been the subject of controversy, culminating in the actor issuing a statement on August 15 apologizing for their behavior and saying they would seek help. for “complex mental health problems”. .”

In January, DC Studios co-chairman Peter Safran told reporters about the possibility of the actor reprising the role in the future: “Ezra is fully committed to their recovery. We fully support the journey they are on right now. When the time is right, when they are ready to have that discussion, we will all figure out the best way forward.”

Observers on the ground at CinemaCon note that Warners knows it has a winner on its hands The flashand by showing the film early, it hopes to divert attention from Miller’s past and to the film itself.

Read on for the first reactions of The flash.

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