First official images of Honor 50 look strangely like Huawei’s P50


Honor has released some official images for its upcoming 50 series smartphone via its via Weibo page and Twitter. The images are focused on the back of the phone and show an eye-catching pair of circular camera bumps. The Honor 50 series is currently scheduled for announced on June 16.

Amid a sea of ​​square and rectangular camera bumps, the double-circle design is an interesting look for Honor’s next flagship. It’s also a style that Honor’s former parent company Huawei plans to adopt for her next flagship, the eponymous P50. It is possible that the two companies finalized their designs before Huawei sold Honor at the end of last year, but it will be strange to see such similar looking devices from two different manufacturers released so close together.

From the images, it looks like Honor’s next handset will have a total of four cameras on the back. The top camera circle has one large lens, and there are three more on the bottom bump. Huawei’s P50, on the other hand, appears to have three lenses on the top circle and a single camera paired with a flash on the bottom.

In addition to the design, Honor’s next flagship will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G processor, 100W fast charging and will also come with a “hypercurved screen”. It may also mark the return of Google’s apps and services to Honor’s devices (including the Google Play Store) as a now deleted tweet from the company’s German Twitter account is to be believed. Honor was unable to include Google’s software due to sanctions against former parent company Huawei, but these are believed not to apply since it became independent.

An Honor spokesperson previously declined to comment on: The edge whether or not Google’s software would be available for the upcoming 50 series. But with an official launch just around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to find out.