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Fine Dust Pollution Spells Losses for Farmers and Fishermen


Great dust contamination is on the increase once again here as China emerges from lockdown, which is bad news for Korean farmers and anglers.

According to professionals, food exposed to great dust does not impact your health, however farmers and anglers still stop work when the air is bad and lose cash. Some invest big amounts of cash to develop indoor centers to dry their fruit and vegetables and catch.

Great dust concentrations has actually gotten worse compared to the last 3 years. The typical PM 2.5 density last month was 28/, around 17 percent greater than the average from 2019 to 2022.

According to the Korea Environment Corporation, 142 great dust cautions have actually been released up until now this year, compared to simply 95 a in the very same duration in 2015.

One farmer in North Chungcheong Province who offers dried persimmons stated, “Until a couple of years ago I simply needed to keep an eye out for sandstorms every spring, however great dust has actually ended up being an increasing issue and there are more days now that I can’t hang out my persimmons to dry. Poor farmers who can’t manage to construct indoor centers wind up moving to other type of work entirely.”

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A male dries fish in a shed in Yeonggwang, South Jeolla Province, in this file picture from 2017.

Anglers are dealing with comparable issues. An angler in Busan states that last month he lost 10 working days as he might not hang and dry fish due to great dust, a boost from 5 days over the last 3 years. He needed to construct a pricey indoor center with a big electrical clothes dryer, however power expenses are providing him another headache now.

According to the Environment Ministry, PM2.5 levels in Gangwon, Chungcheong, North Jeolla and Gyeongsang provinces and Daegu and Gwangju will be bad in between 81 and 150/ on Monday. In the Seoul city, ultrafine dust levels are anticipated to increase above 50/, triggering the federal government to take emergency situation procedures.

The Korea Meteorological Administration has actually encouraged individuals to use face masks outdoors and to restrict outside activities.

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A river in Hwasun, South Jeolla Province is dried up on Sunday./ Newsis

A continuous dry spell is making matters worse. Cumulative rains in South Jeolla Province over the previous year was simply 925.2 mm, 64 percent of average. In Gwangju, an overall of 756.6 mm of rain tipped over the duration, which is little over half the regular level or 55.4 percent.

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