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Find out When to Hire a Tenant Attorney.

Are you a resident of Los Angeles? Did you find yourself in a conflict with your employer, and it is threatening the comfort of your living space? Do you ever wonder where you will get the best tenant attorney in Los Angeles? In which situation should you hire a tenant lawyer? 

Tenant attorney.

You may be a residential or business tenant who wants to file a lawsuit against your landlord. Hire a tenant attorney to tackle your problem. The tenant attorney does not represent landlords. Tenants are also not required to pay for the services upfront. You only pay when you win the case. The tenant attorney will review the tenant lease and help you understand and represent you in a lawsuit. If you have a problem with your landlord, you should consider hiring a tenant lawyer. Do this if it interferes with your living space. If you find yourself in these situations, get a lawyer.

1. Eviction notice.

You will need a tenant lawyer if you want to fight a termination notice from your landlord. Find a tenant lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in the field. The lawyer will use effective strategies and give creative solutions. 

  • Landlords failed to make vital repairs.

The landlord should fulfill regular obligations as per the law and lease agreement. Failure to do this, you can sue them in court. For instance, you complained about your heating system, and the landlord chose to ignore it. Then comes winter, and it is so cold. Hiring a tenant lawyer will be wise. They will deal with the situation by agreeing with your landlord or suing them. 

  • The landlord is responsible for an illness or injury.

Your house may have a mold outbreak that has made you and your family ill. You can convince the insurance adjuster or court that your landlord should be held liable for the injury. If your floorboard is loose and the landlord failed to repair then you fall and get hurt. 

  • Property damage.

The landlord fails to make necessary repairs and your property gets damaged. For instance, a fire outbreak that burns all your property and the landlord is responsible due to faulty wires. For the landlord to cover the loss, hire a lawyer. 

  • If the landlord discriminates against you.

If your landlord is discriminating against you, hire a lawyer to recover from damages caused. 

  • Failure to fulfill promises.

The landlord is not allowed to make empty promises to get you to rent their property. You can sue your landlord if they promised to install security systems and failed to deliver afterward. 

  • Rental payment issues.

You delay paying your rent for a few days then the landlord evicts you. 

  • The landlord violating your privacy. 
  • Dispute about the security deposit.
  • Being sued by the landlord.


When you go to a tenant attorney to file a lawsuit against your landlord, you should have someone to defend your legal rights in court without the worry of paying upfront. Hire the best tenant attorney if you find yourself in situations like facing an eviction notice, being discriminated against, injury due to the landlord’s ignorance, and violation of privacy  

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