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Finally, A Plague Tale: Requiem gets a Performance Run mode -WhatsNew2Day


We’ve had a number of notable games that launched without 60fps mode on current-gen consoles that left gamers disappointed. A Plague Tale: Requiem was one such game that came out last year and only supported 30fps on current-gen consoles at launch.

Although the disappointment was less from the players because the game itself had a fairly solid and smooth experience, the absence of performance mode was still affecting many players.

If you’ve been waiting for the 60 frame option to be added to your title at some point, there’s good news for you guys. Developer Asobo Studio and Focus Entertainment confirmed in their latest post that a new update, A Plague Tale: Requiem, has added a performance mode option that will make the game run at 60fps at a lower resolution. The game also added “extra graphical options” for the PC version.

The game has a very special experience, as you go through a dark and moving journey in a cruel world to the extreme, which can take your breath away and excite your feelings at the same time, and through it.. you will discover the true price in order to save those you love in the midst of a conflict filled with despair and death that surrounds you from all sides. , and certainly in order to survive.

Available A Plague Tale: Requiem On PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch via cloud service.

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