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Final Fantasy 16 Producer Explains Why It’s PS5 Exclusive.. | -WhatsNew2Day


A few days away from the release date of Final Fantasy 16, the highly anticipated PS5 exclusive. The game was to be released on several other home platforms, as Square Enix was looking for a publisher before its agreement with Sony and the agreement to limit the game. But why is it exclusive?

In the past few months, many questions have arisen about Square Enix’s relationship with Sony and Microsoft. Where it looks with the first is very good, while with the second it is not good at all, and this is what made some believe the reason for the exclusivity of Final Fantasy 16 on the PS5.

The company said that it does not develop games with the intention of confining them to one platform. She also denied the reason for the exclusivity of the game on the PlayStation 5 and said that it is not true through an interview with Game Informer And in the words of game producer Naoki Yoshida. Where he said the following:

“Final Fantasy, is one of the very important Square Enix titles there with Dragon Quest and the Kingdom Hearts series. Normally when we start development, we deal with multiple platforms and multiple companies about launching our games. And when we start approaching them, they come back to us with their offers and Sony made the best offers among the other companies.”

Yoshida did not talk about the nature of Sony’s offer to make the game exclusive. But at the same time, he confirmed that the offer I made reached the developers and programmers, noting that it was the best offer he had seen for the game.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released temporarily exclusively for the PlayStation 5 on June 22nd.

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