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Final Fantasy 16 PC version, when will it arrive and reveal some details | -WhatsNew2Day


Although Final Fantasy 16 is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, the publisher seems to have a future plan to release the game on PC, but it seems that we will wait for some time for that.

Through new information via the media activist Rino The developer has revealed some details about the game and the PC version, which seems not to have been worked on yet.

According to the source, work will start on the PC version of Final Fantasy 16 after the game is released directly on PlayStation 5 next month. In addition to revealing some other exciting information that we have collected for you in the form of points as follows.

New details about Final Fantasy 16

  • The story focuses on the world of Valisthea, where people depend on the ether that comes from shards of the Mother Crystal for energy.
  • The crystals are a symbol of society’s real-life dependence on oil, and the wars that are waged over it.
  • The game is described as a great Hollywood movie that you can play with your hands.
  • The gameplay has evolved from a turn-based system to an action system with RPG elements and summoning monsters in battles.
  • The game features “Rings” that allow players to adjust the difficulty by connecting or detaching Rings while providing specific attributes.
  • Story focus mode allows those episodes to be attached from the beginning.
  • Final Fantasy 16 will deliver a smooth experience built with the power of PS5 and the speed of an SSD.
  • Clive’s companion, Torgal, will evolve as Clive develops his abilities, with a more dynamic AI that evolves progressively.
  • The customization of both Torgal and other human companions is derived from the evolution of Clive’s abilities during his progression in the game.
  • The summoned monster’s ability will also evolve and will greatly affect the battle style.
  • Players can change and strengthen weapons, armor, and accessories.

The demo version of the game can be tried on June 8, 2023 or next June 9, but there is no official confirmation about that yet. That is, two weeks before the game’s official release.

The important thing here is that the developer has officially confirmed that it will allow players who advanced in the demo to continue their progress in the full game after its final launch, of course if you purchased it. This will certainly encourage and accelerate the sales of the game, and reflects the developer’s confidence in its biggest titles.

A game is launched Final Fantasy 16 On June 22nd, exclusively for PS5.

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