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FIFA is now EA Sports FC: New logo unveiled for the future of the football franchise


EA Sports FC is the new name of Electronic Arts’ football series. Now there’s the official logo.

FIFA 23 was the last … FIFA from EA, because the publisher loses the rights to the corresponding naming license. But football fans don’t have to despair, because the Bolz series will continue as EA Sports FC. So under a new name and then with one new logo. Electronic Arts has now officially revealed what awaits us:

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The new EA Sports FC logo unveiled

It will likely take quite a while for players of the FIFA series to get used to the new name. After all, the term has burned itself into the minds of game and football fans. That’s why the new name and the new logo should symbolize a clear change – at least when it comes to EA.

Of course, the triangular logo also had something in mind: The EA Sports FC icon is clearly based on the mark above the player character’s head. EA even provides an explanation in the course of the official press release:

The new brand’s design was inspired by triangles, a ubiquitous shape in football culture that represents the game in multiple ways.

The triangle has been an integral part of the EA SPORTS football experience for decades: from passing techniques to set pieces. From the isometric viewpoint of the first 8-bit experiences and the triangular polygons that make up every pixel in the most modern games, to the legendary indicator icon that appears above every pro in every game.

Will everything be different now with EA Sports FC?

Not really. EA Sports FC will remain true to the core FIFA gameplay. Also, fans can rest assured that most player and club licenses will be retained. This allows, among other things, a new contract with FIFPRO or the Spanish association LaLiga – like our colleagues from the GamePro reported.

A full reveal from EA Sports FC, meanwhile, is slated for July 2023. In a few months at the latest, we will find out exactly how FIFA will continue under the new name.

By the way: FIFA wants to make their own FIFA in the future. It just doesn’t come from EA anymore and should be much better than the publisher’s previous games – at least that’s what FIFA says. Only time will tell what it is and what footballers can expect from it.

What do you think of the official EA Sports DC logo: do you like the look or don’t you like it? What are your hopes and expectations for EA’s new soccer game? Let us know in the comments!

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