FIFA 21 TOTY release date

FIFA 21 Team Of The Year Event – TOTY Release Date, Cards & SBCs, And More

Team of the Year is always one of the biggest and most hyped promos every single year in FIFA Ultimate Team and especially now in FIFA 21. A lot more people are excited to go back to something original something that we do know after fitness did get taken away from us, mixed opinions about this freeze promo. The TOTY is just around the corner and it is going to be something that we truly know and love. So we’re going to be talking about in this guide when exactly is that going to be coming out, what sort of things are going to be happening refreshing our minds.

FIFA 21 TOTY Cards Predictions 

The Team of the Year cards are going to be the best players in real life football that are going to be chosen and they are going to be picked to get massive upgrades, so for example it’s going to be Cristiano, Ronaldo, Leno, Messi they always feature in here every single year and they are already quite high rated, so these cards are going to be even higher touching 97, 98 even 99 rated and still quite early on in FIFA 21 these are going to be absolutely huge cards going for millions of FUT coins plus some of them the cheaper ones are still going to be really expensive probably around 500, 600k maybe 300k FIFA 21 coins for goalkeeper, but these are still going to be very premium cards and we do know this. Every single year, it’s only going to be 11 cards released, but there is also going to be a 12th. 

FIFA 21 TOTY Release Date – When Will Team Of The Year Start In FIFA 21

Last year, it did start way early on already, it did start on December 13th. There has been no information on voting but that was for a very good reason because last year it was released with TOTY nominees, all of the TOTY nominees did go into packs and that hasn’t happened yet this year. Maybe that’s still going to be happening. It was basically the same as champions league cards, they were just released the same as their base gold version, they were just in a team media nominee card design and that just didn’t serve any unique purpose.

We do have probably the freeze promo ending on the 28th of December so that is probably when we’re going to see a Team of the Year votes starting at least and maybe Team of the Year nominees also being introduced. And then after that we do always get TOTY nominees starting to go into packs on the first Monday of the new year on January. So that is this year January 4th that is the first Monday of January and we should see an announcement. Usually they do confirm the squad a little bit earlier but they don’t confirm the ratings.