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FFXIV Hatching-tide 2023 event guide


Final fantasy 14Easter themed party, the Hatching tide, has started to bring back the egg fun with a bit of a stabby twist this year.

The event runs from March 27 at 4 a.m. EDT to April 10 at 10:59 a.m. EDT, so make sure to grab your rewards before then.

Talk to this NPC in Mih Khetto’s Amphitheater in Old Gridania to start the quest:

Image: Julia Lee/Polygoon | Source images: Square Enix via Polygon

This will launch the “Get Along and Play Knife” quest, which will take you through Gridania to scare off some Sylphs. After completing that quest, the NPC in the tonberry suit will have another quest for you next to her, which will reward the “Frighten” emote. The quest requires you to complete the FATE event once, and it will lead you directly to it in Central Shroud.

FFXIV Breeding Time 2023 LOT

The FATE pops up in Central Shroud every few minutes and you’ll notice a crowd of players where it spawns. Once the FATE starts, don’t forget to hit the “join FATE” button that appears or you won’t be able to participate.

During the FATE, you must collect eggs while dodging the attacks of many Sylphs and a Mammet. If you get hit, you can’t move for a while, but there are no other ill effects.

Since there are so many other players around, we recommend using the button you set to “confirm” so you can select the eggs, without accidentally selecting an enemy or player.

We submitted six eggs and received a silver contribution, which rewarded us with five Special Midnight Archon Eggs. When we turned in 11 eggs, we got a gold contribution, which gave us 10 Special Midnight Archon eggs. Anyway, you’ll have to do the LOT a few times to get all the rewards.

FFXIV Hatching-Tide 2023 Rewards

The rewards (outside of the emote) are purchased from the NPC we highlight below:

A Final Fantasy 14 Viera stands in front of an NPC dressed as a giant tonberry among the seats of a theater decorated with eggs.  A star on the map indicates where to find this NPC near the amphitheater in Old Gridania.

Image: Julia Lee/Polygoon | Source images: Square Enix via Polygon

The rewards and their prizes are as follows:

  • Tonbe’s head: 2 Special Midnight Archon Eggs
  • Tonberry body: 2 Special Midnight Archon Eggs
  • Tonberry hands: 2 Special Midnight Archon Eggs
  • Tonberry culottes: 2 Special Midnight Archon Eggs
  • Tonberry Boots: 2 Special Midnight Archon Eggs
  • “Pa-Paya Demastered” Orchestrion Role: 3 special Midnight Archon Eggs
  • Hippity-hoppity Hatching Time Ad: 2 Special Midnight Archon Eggs
  • 10 Magic Prism (Breed Tide): 1 Special Midnight Archon Egg

The Tonberry pieces can go in your closet and be painted. The headjoint also works on both Viera and Hrothgar.

As usual with FFXIV events, the clothing, emote, and decor items are all no longer available after the event endsand you can only buy them for real money through the online store in 2024, so you might as well grab them while they’re free right now.

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