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Festival outfit ideas for summer


Festival season is around the corner, and you have been thinking about it for the entire year. You missed the old feeling of meeting with friends and partying till the morning, but the good news is that the summer festivals are here again.

Maybe you need some inspiration and want to try something different than last year and get back into the game for 2023. Dressing for a festival may be trickier than dressing for other events, like a wedding or a birthday party because you have more options to choose from, from clothing to shoes and accessories. If you want to stand apart, the pressure to choose the right ones will be even bigger.

But don’t worry; we have prepared some outfit ideas to have you covered.

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Crocket Fabrics

Crocket fabrics will always look amazing for a festival outfit.  And this ’60s-’ 70s dressing era inspiration is making a comeback. The best part about choosing an outfit made from crocket fabrics is that it will definitely be a comfortable one. This option will surely be the best if the weather is not too hot.

You can opt for a maxi dress, or a mini knitted skirt, and some pretty tops, as this material will keep you covered without adding extra layers. If the sun isn’t shining too bright and it is not too hot for you while dancing, you can style it with a leather jacket and some lovely boots. 

For a more romantic inspiration, you can choose a ladylike tea-length dress or a bohemian maxi one and pair it with some espadrilles or sandals.

A crocket swimwear can be an alternative if you want to make sure you will not feel too hot.

Leather Materials

Leather, for sure, is not the first material you will go for when choosing a summer outfit. But worn appropriately, it can add an extra edge to your outfit style. 

Whether you are dealing with unpredictable weather or want to stay warm during the night, a biker jacket is a good idea. And a cute leather miniskirt or some leather shorts will look fabulous styled with a simple cotton shirt and  give you a chic attitude.

Leather is a great material for bags and boots and you have many varieties to choose from as they come in a range of shades, so you can also add a touch of colour to your outfit.  Even during the summer, boots remain one of the most popular ways to wear leather, so you don’t want to pack them away for this festival. Make sure to mix them with a nice sundress and you will have a unique look to stand out from the crowds.

Floral Design

The floral models are everywhere during the summer, and they most certainly describe the best this season. And the good part is that this pattern can be used for all types of outfits, including festival-inspired ones. 

Characterised by a great sense of feminine attitude, the floral dresses can look very aesthetic and will make a very summerish aspect. You can choose between a lot of models: midi, maxi, or mini, with many patterns: bold blooms or a more idyllic look with lace accents or embroidery.

This design is a good choice for a festival because you don’t need to worry about what to put on next to it; you can wear nice sandals or boots and mix them with some lovely earrings.

If you only want to have a touch of the floral print, you can choose a beautiful flower ribbon and place it on your head like a headband or tie your ponytail with it, and it will be a simple, yet sophisticated idea to make an impression.

Cowboy inspired elements

The “Coastal Cowgirl ” is a look many girls try to achieve during the festivals. And we see why because it looks incredible and it is composed of elementary items. The most preferred cowboy-inspired components are the cowboy boots, which can be worn in many combinations. You can try different colours like brown, black or white and let them be the star of your outfit. They can be associated with satin skirts, jeans, T-shirts, crochet beach cover-ups, or a beautiful light midi dress. 

You can use a silk bandana, a rattan tote bag, a straw cowboy hat and some earrings as accessories.

Babydoll dresses

The babydoll dresses are sweet and light and can become the perfect outfit for festivals. If you don’t want to have many layers and wear only one piece of clothing, this may be the right idea for you to try.  

This type of dress goes well with any footwear, so it doesn’t matter if you choose sneakers, heels or boots. The attention will be on you with this dress, and you will have a very charming and rustic look.


Denim is a great choice for everyday life, as well as for festivals, as it is an essential part of the wardrobe. You can opt for denim for your jeans and choose a pair of boyfriend ones, some shorts or a skirt and a nice top. If you want to contour an all-denim look, you can also add a jacket.

Choose a bandana or a strap hat, and your outfit is ready.

Festival Hairstyle

Regarding hair, you will also find endless options from which you can choose. Braids will help you have a very festival look, as well as the braided buns.

If you are not sure of your ability to make braids, you can always try a hairstyle with some simple beach waves.

Changing your hair colour is also an option if you want to try something else for this summer. Go for bold powerful colours to complete your hairstyle. 

Final words

Let your spirit become free, and apply any idea you might have at this year’s festival. The good news is that you can re-wear the outfits during the summer, and some of them may be seen as an inspiration for the next one.

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