Feminine Hygiene For the Modern Woman

Feminine hygiene is an integral part of the overall health of women. Of course, balancing work demands and domestic responsibilities is a lot of work that many women often neglect their own wellbeing and health-related matters. Although the private parts of a woman’s body are self-cleansing naturally, there is still a need to observe appropriate hygiene practices to keep these sensitive parts in optimal shape and prevent infection. Lack of proper personal hygiene exposes women to various vaginal issues, such as vaginal irritation, abnormal vaginal discharge, unnatural odor, vaginal dryness, vaginal infection, and fatal diseases like ovarian and cervical cancer. In this post, we’ll look at top feminine hygiene tips for the modern woman.

Tips to Maintain Proper Feminine Hygiene for the Modern Woman

Maintaining feminine hygiene doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It starts with little things, and these can significantly impact the overall health of a woman. Here are some seemingly small but essential tips to follow to ensure proper hygiene.

  • Proper Cleaning is a must

Although the intimate part of a woman has a natural self-cleansing system, it is important to thoroughly and clean the sensitive parts with water regularly. You don’t have to over-clean or use scented products that contain heavy chemicals. This will do more damage than good to the sensitive parts. Get hygiene products that have well-balanced pH levels and choose showers instead of baths when taking a bath. Baths can increase the chances of infection. You will find numerous options of feminine hygiene products in the market but ensure that you get products with a balanced pH level.

  • Wear Comfy Clothing

Try to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and underwear. It is recommended that you stick to cotton and breathable underwear to enable free airflow. Synthetic pants and spandex should not be worn for a long time. If you are having a workout, change your clothing immediately, you are done because heat and sweat can cause vaginal infections. Change your innerwear daily and ensure that you don’t stay in sweaty clothes for long. After physical activity, shower and change your clothes.

  • Take Precautions When Using Public Restrooms

In most cases, it’s impossible to control the need to use the restroom. However, you should exercise caution when using a public restroom. This is because many people use these facilities daily, which increases your chance of getting infections. You have to be careful and cautious when using them. You may want to consider carrying a portable disinfectant product in your bag to enable you to disinfect the public restroom before use. This will greatly reduce your risk of getting an infection from a public place.

  • Maintain Hygiene during your Period

Women need to remain comfortable, odorless, and clean during menstruation. Therefore, make it a habit to change your sanitary towel regularly. Ensure you don’t use a pair for more than six hours. Try to avoid using fragrant products and allow the reproductive tracts to do their job of cleaning the vaginal on their own. Additionally, you should avoid douching as this can cause PID (pelvic inflammatory diseases). Don’t clean your vagina from the inside. Only clean the outer part with mild soap and warm water.

  • Pre and Post Coitus Hygiene

Having safe and protected sex is vital to avoid exposure to STDs. After sexual intercourse, wash your private parts with clean water to prevent coitus-related infection. If you have multiple sex partners, you should consider using protection to avoid infection.


Feminine hygiene is critical to maintaining your overall health. It should not be a once-in-a-while thing but a daily ritual. You can explore the online platform and health stores around you to find feminine hygiene products that will help you to keep your intimate parts clean.