Female prison guard suspended for alleged relationship in NSW with prisoner

Female prison officer in her 20s resigned over alleged ‘inappropriate’ relationship with inmate

  • Corrective Services NSW investigates the relationship between guard and prisoner
  • A female officer, believed to be in her twenties, has been suspended for investigation
  • Officers caught having sexual relations with prisoners face up to two years in prison



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A female prison officer has been fired while her alleged relationship with a male prisoner is investigated.

Earlier this week, an investigation into the relationship between the two started.

It is clear that the prisoner is on remand – in custody awaiting trial – for alleged domestic violence and stalking.

The female security guard has resigned while the investigation continues.

She is believed to be in her twenties.

A Young Female Prison Officer Is Suspended While Corrective Services Nsw Investigates An Alleged Relationship Between Her And A Male Prisoner (Stock Image, Male Prisoner)

A young female prison officer is suspended while Corrective Services NSW investigates an alleged relationship between her and a male prisoner (stock image, male prisoner)

As of Saturday morning no one has been charged, but work is underway to determine the nature of their alleged relationship and whether any laws were broken.

The maximum penalty for an officer caught having sexual relations with an inmate is a $2,200 fine and two years in prison.

The Daily Telegraph previously reported, a love letter from the female officer was found in the prisoner’s cell during a house search.

However, Daily Mail Australia understands that the relationship may have been discovered in a different way.

A Prison Officer Caught Having Sexual Relations With An Inmate Could Face A $2,200 Fine And Two Years In Prison (Stock Image, Prison Officer)

A Prison Officer Caught Having Sexual Relations With An Inmate Could Face A $2,200 Fine And Two Years In Prison (Stock Image, Prison Officer)

A prison officer caught having sexual intercourse with an inmate could face a $2,200 fine and two years in prison (stock image, prison guard)

A spokesperson for Corrective Services NSW said: ‘Corrective Services NSW has a zero tolerance approach to inappropriate relationships between staff and detainees.

“All staff complete mandatory training in maintaining professional boundaries to raise awareness of potential grooming situations, whether involving themselves or colleagues.

“The majority of our 10,000 employees are doing the right thing in a tough industry and keeping the people of NSW safe.”

Earlier this year, a young female jailer resigned after she was reportedly overheard talking about marriage to an inmate associated with biker gangs.

It is believed that the woman bought a phone and secretly added the number to the prisoner’s approved contact list.

She was reported by a colleague, but was not charged by the police.

It is clear that she recently divorced her husband.

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