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Featured Media: Capcom is working on Dead Rising reboot as a robot


The Dead Rising series is one of the action, zombie and survival titles that has been out of sight for several years, and it is a series developed by the Japanese publisher capcom.

But it seems that Capcom has removed the game from its shelves full of classics, and is starting to work on reviving the series again in the form of a reboot, according to the prominent and well-informed journalist Jez Corden.

Corden, in his response to a follower who asked about Dead Rising on Twitter, told him:

If you’re a fan of the Dead Rising series, there might be something on the horizon for you, too.

After that, the journalist claimed that he has private sources confirming that the series will return, and that Capcom has already started working on developing the game in the form of a reboot or a remake, but he does not have much information about the date of the announcement or release.

Dead Rising 4 was the last of the parts that were released on Xbox exclusively in December 2016, while it was scheduled to work on the fifth part of the series, but it did not see the light, and the department responsible for developing the game Capcom Vancouver was closed due to its lack of success. Required.

But with the revival of remake titles in recent years, which was led by Capcom itself and was performing excellently in it, it is actually possible to see a new re-developed part issued on this generation, although there are other titles that the player community looks forward to and wants to return, such as the dinosaur game and science fiction. Dino Crisis

More about the Dead Rising series

This series is known for its unique style, weirdness and the ability to use a variety of innovative items and weapons to fight zombies and survive. The first part of the series was released in 2006 for Xbox 360, and it was a great success.

The story of the first part centers around journalist Frank West, who finds himself trapped in a huge shopping center in the city of Willamette, where a virus has spread that turns residents into zombies. Players must explore the mall, rescue survivors, and fight against zombies using a variety of available weapons.

Several sequels have been released to the series, including Dead Rising 2 (2010), Dead Rising 3 (2013), and Dead Rising 4 (2016), each featuring a new main character and a different setting, but maintaining the core elements that made the series popular . The game mechanics include rescuing survivors, collecting tools and weapons, and investigating the story surrounding the zombie apocalypse. The series is distinguished by the unique style and quirkiness of the elements in the game. Players can use tools such as swords, bats, ninja turtles, and frying pans.

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