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Fear of a new outbreak of the coronavirus in Sydney as a nursing home employee tests positive

Fear of another Sydney coronavirus outbreak as home care worker tests positive – as top scientist says ‘the clock is ticking’ to stop an NSW COVID-19 explosion

A Sydney nursing home employee tested positive for coronavirus, raising fears about yet another COVID-19 cluster.

The Ashfield Baptist Homes employee, a senior citizen care worker in inner Sydney, dined at Thai Rock Restaurant in Wetherill Park, which has since been linked to 26 cases.

Other employees and residents of the facility are now isolated and are being tested for the deadly respiratory infection, New South Wales Health said in a statement.

“The risk to other staff and residents is considered very low as the staff member wore masks, gloves and coats while working with residents and did not work during symptomatic treatment,” the statement said.

Ashfield Baptist Homes has since been closed to the public pending test results.

It’s because Mary-Louise McLaws, an epidemiologist and advisor to the World Health Organization, admitted that the clock is “ticking” the New South Wales authorities to get the virus under control.

“It’s hard work,” she said on ABC on Wednesday.

“And that’s why I think it would help to prevent the spread if everyone wore a mask in public until they got all those potentially exposed people under control and kept them isolated.”

Prior to the outbreak at the Crossroads Hotel, which first started when a Melbourne traveler dined at the venue, New South Wales was about to “eliminate” the virus.

“It had so few numbers outside of the quarantined hotel for returning travelers that we did very well. I think NSW can get back to that level, but it will be challenging from a different perspective than Melbourne, ”she said.

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