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FCC registrations reveal that a new headset with noise reduction from Bang & Olufsen is coming

recent Federal Communications Commission deposits reveal that new genuine wireless headphones over the ear from B&O Play from Bang & Olufsen may be on the move. The submissions are for a model named Beoplay H95, so maybe they are an update to the Beoplay H9 line of over-ear noise canceling headphones.

The Beoplay H95s can change from the circular design of the H9s, which the company has changed through two revisions of the H9s, to one that is more oval in shape, based on diagrams at the archives:

Image: FCC

But apart from those diagrams, we can no longer ask much about the headphones, such as what functions they can have, what colors they can have or when they can be released. And although the headphones have hit the FCC, it can take months before they are for sale. We have approached Bang & Olufsen for comments.

Former Verge employee Vlad Savov thought the H9s were comfortable and had good noise reduction, but he also said their sound was too quiet and the headphones had poor touch controls. The H9i revision, released in January 2018, had the sound re-tuned, improved touch control, charging via USB-C and a better battery life. The third generation of H9s, released in May 2019, added Google Assistant and had more improvements in battery life and minor adjustments to the ear pads and headbands.

All three cost $ 500 when they were released, and the current third-gene model still usually sells for that price. But if you can live without Google Assistant and the slightly worse battery life, you can buy the H9 roughly refurbished Now $ 200 on Amazon.