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“FC Schalke 04 faces a summer of horror”


A strong start to 2023 was followed by a rather sobering April and the realization that FC Schalke are still ankle-deep in relegation swamps after 29 Bundesliga matches. A crisp remaining program dampens the royal blue’s hopes of remaining in the league – S04 threatens a worst-case scenario that has it all.

On the coming Bundesliga match day, FC Schalke 04 will welcome fellow promoted team Werder Bremen, followed by away games at the in-form 1. FSV Mainz 05, FC Bayern, a home game against Europa League winners Eintracht Frankfurt and last but not least a guest appearance at RB Leipzig. The fact that you have to play in the 2nd Bundesliga again in 2023/24 is a reality that at least at S04 you cannot ignore.

The “Sport Bild” reveals how much the consequences of relegation would torpedo the plans of the Knappen to re-establish themselves in the German football upper house.

Accordingly, Schalke’s budget would be almost halved in the event of a descent from 36 million euros to around 19 million euros. If you stay in the league, you could probably plan with 40 million euros.

Should it come to a crash in the lower house, Schalke would have to let “almost all loan players” go, according to “Sport Bild”. Particularly bitter: Top performers like Moritz Jenz or Tom Krauß would then probably go. According to the report, the agreed purchase obligation only applies in the event of relegation. In this case, Borussia Mönchengladbach should rub their hands. The Foals are said to have their eye on Kraus should the midfielder be available.

After all, it should already be clear who should keep the swaying ship Schalke on course in the event of a descent. Coach Thomas Reis and sports director Peter Knäbel are definitely still on board.

FC Schalke 04 threatens “horror summer”

“Yes, we will go into the next season together with Peter Knäbel and his team, regardless of whether we keep the class or not,” confirmed S04 supervisory board chairman Axel Helper of the sports newspaper. “A relegation would be a setback that would set us back a year or two – no more and no less.”

In addition, it has already been agreed to put the squad value more in the shop window from the summer. In other words: fewer players on loan, more talent from the Knappenschmiede and more playing time for young players. In the event of missing the league Knäbel meanwhile threatens “a horror summer. The squad would collapse like a house of cards,” judges “Sport Bild”.

In addition to the loan players, according to the report, the dissatisfied Thomas Ouwejan and Rodrigo Zalazar are very likely to leave. Defender Maya Yoshida will also leave and Marius Bülter, whose contract is said to have been extended until 2025 due to a clause, is said to have not yet decided whether he wants to go into league two.

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