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FC Bayern facing a massive overhaul? “They will be looking at everything”


Despite the currently mixed performances, long-time TV commentator Marcel Reif does not believe in a major upheaval at FC Bayern next summer.

“You will look at everything, but you won’t be able to overthrow the whole squad. It’s actually a good squad, but he doesn’t get it on the pitch,” said Reif on “Bild-TV”.

Of course there are discussions about the player material at FC Bayern, says Reif, “Where is the center forward? What about Yann Sommer? But the squad is still good enough to beat SC Freiburg in a knockout game in the DFB Cup or to get three points at home against Hoffenheim. If that doesn’t happen, the players won’t bring what they should expect of themselves.”

The statements of the pros after the recent setbacks reminded Reif of an “open record”. The 73-year-old said: “I don’t listen to Joshua Kimmich anymore because I’ve had it three times.”

Munich’s current appearances are “not Bayern-like”, criticized Reif. “I can’t remember FC Bayern presenting themselves like this at this stage of the season, and in several games in a row.”

“Dortmund mentality question” at FC Bayern?

It was “no wonder” that Thomas Tuchel was disappointed by the performances of his professionals, said Reif. “He certainly didn’t expect that.”

So far, the journalist does not see a positive effect of the change of coach. “He hasn’t helped create a certain level of security in the team, which is a matter of course. I have the feeling that the players also take the change behind closed doors as an excuse.”

FC Bayern is currently mainly about the attitude, “the good old Dortmund mentality question”, as Reif put it. “That’s surprising.”

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