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FBI agent lied when he said he had ‘no knowledge’ of office trying to delete story from Hunter Biden’s laptop in Facebook talks, damning new transcripts reveal


Two FBI agents involved in the Hunter Biden laptop saga lied about the laptop, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has claimed.

Jim Jordan released excerpts from the testimony of Elvis Chan, who served as one of the FBI’s liaisons with tech companies, and Laura Dehmlow, the current FBI section chief of the Security Intelligence Task Force, on Monday. foreign influence.

Chan testified in November 2022 in the Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit against the federal government and the Biden administration for colluding with social media companies to censor speech.

Jordan said Chan held a repeated meeting with Facebook over the laptop, but said he only had one session. He also testified that he was unaware of an internal debate over the laptop, but told a colleague he was “aware”.

Dehmlow spoke with the Jordanian committee last month.

Jordan said Dehmlow revealed how the FBI knew the laptop was not fake or factory, but refused to confirm its authenticity to social media companies.

The FBI knew the laptop obtained by the New York Post had belonged to Hunter Biden, and the photos (above) of him in a drugged state were real, but refused to confirm its authenticity to Facebook and Twitter, a said Jim Jordan.

Laura Dehmlow, the current FBI Section Chief of the Foreign Influence Task Force

Elvis Chan served as a liaison between the FBI and major tech companies

Laura Dehmlow, the current FBI Section Chief of the Foreign Influence Task Force (left), and Elvis Chan, a liaison between the FBI and big tech companies, met Twitter and Facebook on the day the New York Post published its article on the Hunter Biden laptop. , and discussed the authenticity of the laptop

Jordan tweeted on Monday that new internal Facebook documents had led to explosive revelations about Hunter Biden’s laptop, arguing it illustrated the FBI knew the laptop was genuine and belonged to him – but refused to disclose. confirm the fact to Facebook and Twitter.

This decision led to the New York Post report on the blocking of the laptop by social media companies, which called it misinformation.

“Internal FB documents reveal that an FBI Special Agent made false statements in his testimony about the FBI’s role in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story,” Jordan tweeted.

Jordan explained in a Twitter thread how, on October 14, 2020, the New York Post published its first story about the laptop, which Biden had left in a repair shop in Delaware.

The laptop contained a wealth of financial information about the businessman, as well as tons of messages between him and his father – at the time, in preparation for the November election. The laptop also contained a large number of deeply embarrassing photos of the struggling lawyer fooling around with prostitutes and taking drugs at the height of his addiction.

On the day the Post published its article, Chan and Dehmlow met with representatives from Twitter and then Facebook.

The Twitter team asked if the FBI believed Hunter Biden’s laptop was real: One FBI representative replied yes, then another quickly said, “No comment.”

Dehmlow told the Jordanian committee that there were then internal deliberations, and it was decided that the response would now be “without comment”.

In the next meeting, with Facebook, Dehmlow herself told Facebook “no comment” when asked if the laptop was real.

“This was an ongoing investigation, and we don’t typically comment on ongoing investigative matters when asked to do so,” she told Jordan’s committee.

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1691457827 291 FBI agent lied when he said he had no knowledge

Jordan said on Monday: “Did Dehmlow know the FBI had the laptop and that it was real?” Yes.

‘Did other key members of the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force know? Yes.

“The FBI knew the laptop was real and yet decided they would say ‘no comment.’

“We know what happened next.

“Twitter and Facebook censored the @nypost story.

“The Biden campaign secretly triggered the events that led the 51 former intelligence officials to discredit the story as Russian disinformation.”

Jordan and his allies are convinced the FBI was working to discredit the story, with the goal of downplaying it and helping Joe Biden’s electoral chances.

Jordan then singled out excerpts from Chan’s testimony late last year.

Missouri and Louisiana officials asked Chan if he had been involved in any post-October 14 meetings with Facebook where the Hunter Biden laptop was discussed.

Chan replies that he doesn’t believe him.

“I was satisfied that I was not party to any meetings with social media companies where Hunter Biden was discussed other than the one incident I told you about,” Chan said.

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1691457828 924 FBI agent lied when he said he had no knowledge

Jordan, however, said on Monday that his committee had “recently obtained an internal Facebook document PROVING that Agent Chan had a secret follow-up call with Facebook about the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop on October 15. , just a day after the @nypost story. and the first Facebook date!’

Jordan noted that Chan also claimed in the deposition that he had “no inside knowledge of the (FBI) investigation” involving Hunter Biden’s laptop, but according to internal Facebook documents, he said to a colleague that he was “aware of the current status of the matter”. within the FBI.

Jordan added, “Is it any wonder that Biden’s DOJ has so far blocked the Committee’s efforts to interview Agent Chan?”

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