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Father Will Myers is horrified after packing alcohol into his son’s lunch box


Dad’s lunchbox rammed with school calling and telling him to bring his son over blunder: ‘It looked like sparkling water’

  • American father Will Myers accidentally bottled Guinness with sparkling water for his son
  • He was shocked when the school called him to pick up his son and share her TikTok clip

A father shared his horror after discovering he had accidentally packed a beer in his son’s lunch box when the school called him to tell him to collect his child.

American dad and popular money mentality coach Will Myers posted a video on Tik Tokwhere he shared exactly how the mixing took place.

Will explains that he accidentally packed a can of Black Liquid Death (a brand of sparkling water) and one can of Guinness beer, and the reason the mix-up happened was because they were both black.

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In the video, Will says, “Well, I have to go pick my kid up from school today because I made a big mistake.”

“Whenever my son was born, the best advice I got was that you know more than you think, but today is not that day, let me show you.”

Will then went on to say that one of the black cans is sparkling water and “he (his son) likes that I pack it in his lunch because it’s cool.”

However, the other black canister is “not sparkling water”, but rather a can of Guinness.

“It looks like sparkling water, but it’s definitely not sparkling water,” Will said.

“Now I have to go pick up my child from school and try to explain this situation.”

Will said he mistook a can of Guinness for a can of sparkling water which his son loves and takes regularly to school (pictured)

It wasn’t long before the clip went viral, with over 2.7 million people watching it and sharing their thoughts.

The majority of the comments were filled with people sympathizing with the dad, writing things like “lol” and sharing emojis.

Others shared their “dad’s horror stories” of the things they collected.

“My dad sent me to school with Mike’s Hard Lemonade in kindergarten,” one person wrote, “so I guess it’s just plain old for dad.”

Another added, “I sent two packs of cigarettes in a bag of paper plates and napkins to my daughter’s class.”

It’s a common mistake, one teacher said, writing: “A kid brought a can of White Claw thinking it was regular soda too.”

One mum said she accidentally said her child goes to school with his brother’s nappy bag, instead of his book bag.

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