Father of one of the brutally murdered Idaho students says they didn’t suffer

The father of a University of Idaho student who was killed in her sleep earlier this year has revealed that his daughter didn’t suffer in her final moments.

Steve Goncalves spoke on Good Morning America Tuesday. He said that he learned about Kaylee’s death by family members and was choked up when he told of how Kaylee came home from school with an urn.

Steve shared that the pain was not as severe and fast as he had hoped.

He said he only found out about his daughter’s untimely demise from family members on campus before police confirmed her death, and tried to call Madison — Kaylee’s best friend for years — only to find that she wasn’t responding either.

Steve stated, “I haven’t earned the right to grieve in the way I want,” I want justice to come first.  

He has previously spoken out about his ‘frustration’ with the lack of any new information in the investigation, which has entered its third consecutive week with no suspects. 

Still, police maintained in an exclusive interview with that it was a ‘targeted’ attack. 

Steve Goncalves is the father of Kaylee Goncalves (University of Idaho student who was killed), and he revealed that his daughter didn’t suffer in her final moments.

He Also Shared In An Interview With Good Morning America How He Only Learned Of His Daughter'S Untimely Death From Family Members On Campus

He Interview with Good Morning America: He also spoke out about how he found out about his daughter’s tragic death through family members on campus

Goncalves Had Previously Admitted He Has Been 'Frustrated' By The Lack Of Information Into His Daughter'S Murder As The Investigation Enters Its Third Consecutive Week Without A Suspect. He Is Pictured Here With Kaylee

Goncalves previously acknowledged that he was frustrated by the lack information regarding his daughter’s death. The investigation is now in its third week without a suspect. He Kaylee is pictured here

Kaylee Mogen, 21, her best friend Madison Mogen (also 21), and young couple Xana Knodle, and Ethan Chapin (both 20, were found stabbed and killed in their Moscow, Idaho, off-campus rental home on November 13. A friend called 911 to report that there was an ‘unconscious individual’.

After Madison and Kaylee’s friends tried in vain to contact them by phone and text, they were unable to get through to them.

The two girls were found still in their beds on the top floor of the house, with cops maintaining they were still asleep when the unknown assailant stabbed them with a knife. 

Steve’s Tuesday interview marked the second time Steve, a grieving dad, has spoken out about his disappointment with the slow investigation of his daughter’s suicide.

He had revealed to FOX News’ Lawrence Jones over the weekend how he has not heard anything from law enforcement since Wednesday at 5pm  — the same night local authorities gave a disastrous press conference in which they admitted they have no suspects in her and her friends’ murders and have not yet recovered a murder weapon.

Steve stated that the investigators are ‘just telling me they can’t give me much’. He added: “I know things, but I haven’t shared anything.”

He He stated that he doesn’t want to make a bad impression of law enforcement because they are ‘hardworking individuals’ and that he wouldn’t be the same without them.

Goncalves acknowledged that he was disappointed by the absence of information. Authorities claim they withhold details to catch the killer.

Maddie Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle And Ethan Chapin Were All Brutally Murdered In Their Home In Moscow, Idaho, In The Early Hours Of Sunday November 13

Maddie Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves and Xana Kernodle were all murdered at their Moscow, Idaho home on Sunday, November 13.

Goncalves And Mogen Were Found On The Top Floor In Their Beds. College Lovers Ethan Chapin And Xana Kernodle Were Found In A Second Floor Bedroom While Survivors Dylan Mortensen And Bethany Funke Were Sleeping On The First Floor

Mogen and Goncalves were found in their beds on the top floor. Ethan Chapin, a college lover, and Xana Kernodle, a survivor of the Holocaust, were found sleeping in a bedroom on the second floor. Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen were both asleep on first floor.

They claim that they won’t release the profile of the suspect as it could increase fear and suspicion in the college community, already on edge after the grisly murders. Some students have refused to return to class.

‘It will potentially put more fear, more suspicion on a wide variety of people versus if we use that to really refine where we’re at in our investigation,’ Idaho State Police communications director Aaron Snell Jones was informed. “I think that will prove more relevant.”

“And so if only we provide information to the general public, I just don’t think that it’s going to make sense. 

Goncalves stated that they were holding their tongues, waiting patiently, and are still concerned.

He Anyone with information regarding his daughter’s fate on November 12th or 13th was asked to contact police officials.

Kaylee Goncalves Was Best Friends With Madison Mogen Before The Two Went Off To The University Of Idaho Together

Ethan Chapin And Xana Kernodle, Both 20, Were In A Relationship

According to reports, all four students were killed in their sleep on Nov. 13

1669734168 851 Father Of One Of The Brutally Murdered Idaho Students Says

Kaylee had spent much of the night before her death at the Corner Club — a Moscow dive bar popular with students — with Madison.

At approximately 1.30am, the pair were caught on camera purchasing a portion of carbonara pasta from Grub Wandering Kitchen – a food truck that offers late night eats on weekends.

Madison and Kaylee, who were parked up near the Moscow branch of insurers State Farm as well as outdoor store Hyperspud Sport, last saw them walking towards what police called a private driver for their final ride home.

The route can be seen in an exclusive footage. It cuts through the University of Idaho campus, passes the Sigma Chi house to the right where Xana, Ethan and their last night before turning left onto King Road towards their home.

It is also a sad fact that the drive passes by the Moscow Police Department Headquarters. This can be seen just before the route turns right onto the campus.

According to police, the pair arrived home at 1.45am – at the same time as Ethan and Xana and 45 minutes after their other roommates, Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funke, 19, who both miraculously survived the attack.

Less than two hours later, Madison, Kaylee, Xana and Ethan were dead – butchered as they slept by a knife-wielding villain.

According to autopsy results, all four were killed by stab wounds in the chest. Police also stated that the murder weapon was an old military-style knife that has yet to be found.

Kaylee’s dog Murphy survived the attack unharmed and didn’t make a sound. Dylan and Bethany were awakened at 11am to discover their roommates had died.

Dylan Mortensen (Left) And Bethany Funke (Middle) Lived In The Modest Moscow Rental House With Fellow University Of Idaho Students Xana Kernodle (Second From Left) Kaylee Goncalves (Second From Right) And Madison Mogen (Right)  But Survived The Attack. They Have Been Ruled Out As Suspects

Dylan Mortensen (left) and Bethany Funke (middle) lived in the modest Moscow rental house with fellow University of Idaho students Xana Kernodle (second from left) Kaylee Goncalves (second from right) and Madison Mogen (right)  but survived the attack. They were ruled out as suspects.

Officials have insisted over the past month that the quadruple stabbing was a ‘targeted’ attack, with Idaho State Police spokesman Aaron Snell, 49, telling in an exclusive interview that all four of the victims could have been the intended targets.

Speaking In An Exclusive Interview With, Idaho State Police Spokesman Aaron Snell, 49, Said It Is Possible All Four Victims Could Have Been Targeted

Aaron Snell (49), Idaho State Police spokesperson, stated that it was possible that all four victims could have become targets in an exclusive interview with

He While investigators believe they have sufficient evidence to indicate that the killings were targeted and have admitted to it, they still aren’t closer to identifying who did it.

“We believe that it was a targeted attack, based on what evidence we have and how everything evolved. He said that he believed it was accurate.  

Snell declined to name the victims that he believed to be the target of the police investigation, but he described it as a delicate question.

He He said, “That’s part our ongoing investigation.” It’s a very delicate question. We’ll answer it when or if possible.

“It’s very comparable to the whole stalking. It is possible that a stalker could be someone of extreme interest.

“You don’t have to play all your cards at once.” We’re trying find all possible participants.

He Moscow police initially stated that there was no threat to the small, close-knit college town. However, the Moscow police later admitted that there is.

“Is there someone out there?” Snell confirmed that was correct. “Our goal is to find this person and bring them to justice.”

Officials Have Insisted Over The Past Month That The Quadruple Stabbing Was A 'Targeted' Attack

Officials insisted that the quadruple stabbing attack was a ‘targeted attack’ for the past month.

1669734169 667 Father Of One Of The Brutally Murdered Idaho Students Says

The first floor, where the survivors were sleeping, is below grade. It opens onto the gravel parking lot at the rear of the building (pictured). 

Police Are Pictured Here Searching For Evidence Through Trash At A Local Refuse Center. They Now Say Police Have Mostly Finished Investigating The Crime Scene

Here, police are seen looking through trash at the local refuse center for evidence. Police say they have now completed most of the investigation on the crime scene

He said police have now mostly finished investigating the crime scene, and revealed that plans to release the scene are underway — but noted that it won’t be released until cops are sure there is nothing left to retrieve.

In the meantime, most of the police work is now being done behind the scenes — with crime lab testing and reports.

‘Investigations are very difficult. It could take quite some time. But if we have some leads that lead us to a potential suspect and quickly… We don’t try and estimate or speculate on the length of the investigation,’ he told 

“Obviously, our goal would be to solve this problem in the last week. We don’t have a time frame. We are receiving lots of quality tips, and we have done more than 150 interviews. All the information has been collected is helping to build this whole picture.

“Since we don’t have any suspect at the moment and we don’t have a gun, it’s really hard to find out what actually happened.

‘So, what we have to do is try and build this picture of what occurred on that night, the relationships the four of them had – was there anything suspicious in those, are there any tidbits of information we can draw from that.

“Did anything happen in the evening of that day, was anything unusual that happened to them?” The movements of residents. 

But despite the difficulties, Snell said he is confident police will eventually unravel the mystery of what happened – and bring the killer to justice.

He said: ‘We have not identified anybody who was involved in this so we for sure do not want to say we think they came through whatever door and did this because once we do that, we start going down a rabbit hole and then all these ancillary facts that might point to something else – then maybe we would miss those.

‘[Investigators] truly are doing a phenomenal job – all the debriefs and stuff we do upstairs, they really are talking about this entire picture.

“They are trying to avoid being pigeonholed in all these theories and motives, because we don’t know what they are at the moment.

“Once they get this picture, I think that we’ll see something.”

He He added, “On TV it’s an entire hour and you have a resolution. Now, we are in the 11 or 12th day and people are frustrated. We offer that solution.

“In a criminal investigation it is important to provide information. If we give it too soon, we can ruin the investigation or the prosecution that we are hoping for.

‘That is the ultimate goal – bring justice through prosecution.’

Students Have Started To Return To The University Of Idaho, Where A Memorial Has Been Set Up For The College Students Following A Thanksgiving Break

Students have begun to return to University of Idaho. A memorial has been established for college students who died during a Thanksgiving break.

Students have returned to campus after a Thanksgiving break and are still on edge, as many questions remain unanswered.

The school now says it has increased security in place for the remainder semester. Students may choose to stay home or enroll online.

On Wednesday, a candlelight vigil for students who have been killed will be held in various locations across the state. 

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