Fastly claims one customer is responsible for widespread internet outage


The Fastly content delivery network (CDN) — a major Internet traffic intermediary — took a nap about an hour early Tuesday morning, knocking many major websites offline. The company now claims that the issue was the result of a bug and a customer configuration change.

“We experienced a global outage due to an undiscovered software bug that was revealed on June 8 when it was caused by a valid customer configuration change,” wrote Nick Rockwell, the company’s SVP of Engineering and Infrastructure. in a blog posted last night. “This outage was broad and serious, and we are truly sorry for the impact on our customers and anyone who relies on them.”

Apparently, whatever the request was, it caused a bug that wasn’t introduced to Fastly’s systems until mid-May through an update. Obviously the fault lies with Fastly for failing to understand that it was bogging its own code, but we have to ask: who did it? Valid change or not, a specific, unnamed customer caused the bug. It’s obvious why Fastly hasn’t mentioned the customer or the exact circumstances that caused this unwanted outcome, but we just want to know: how does it feel to accidentally turn off half of the internet?

And if it was a coincidence, it wasn’t an accident… The edge the next time.