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Fast X movie review


Fast X hits theaters on May 18, 2023 in the region.

You don’t own studios Universal vehicles X-wingsBut she does have flying cars sometimes. It doesn’t have superheroes, but it does have Los Angeles street racers who steal VCRs and nuclear submarines. With many directors striving earnestly and boldly to keep old fan-favorite characters and franchises relevant in recent years, embracing the series has been a challenge. Fast and furious Extroverted and increasingly irrational mayhem is fun. film enabled F9 The year 2021 presents several successful crazy action scenes based on the magic of magnets. and sent Tyrese and Ludacris into space in a Pontiac. And he told us that John Cena was Vin Diesel’s brother with a serious face, And we believed it. Or at least those of us who were willing to forgo logic in order to enjoy that wild ride. But it turns out that there is a limit to how far this kind of absurdity can go without returning to reality. Where the boisterous fun that accompanied F9 open the way in front of FastX The dissonant, which is an extended and over-stuffed opening to an outro that will split into several parts putting a giant boulder in the chain’s highway. Almost the only thing that saves the movie is the eccentric and wildly entertaining villain played by Jason Momoa.

The year was 2011 when we saw the movie Fast Five Hobbs chases Brian and Dom as they drag drug lord Hernan Reyes’ safe around Rio. It was a turning point as cartoonish logic began to make its way into the once-serious series. And do you know? The movies that followed were better because of that. There is a factor of vulnerability and risk in changing the direction of any series so drastically halfway through that no one would have imagined watching the original 2001 film that the fast She will absolutely take that risk, and that on top of that she will succeed in turning it into something explosive and unique.

As usual from this series, reveal FastX Simply put, Hernan’s son, Dante (Jason Momoa), was actually present during the entire chase scene, and after seeing his family’s ill-gotten fortune destroyed and his father murdered, reappears to wage war on Dom (Vin Diesel), the leader of a gang of car thieves and international spies. The best in the world, vowing that there is no place for death when there must be suffering in its stead. His motive for revenge may be clear, and the film continues to remind us of his hostility to Dom whenever possible, but the ways in which Dante deals with achieving his revenge on a family fast Eccentric eccentricity of Dante himself. Only through technology and mercenary forces is he somehow able to do anything. He wants to make Dom suffer by hurting his family, but he repeatedly ignores opportunities to get his way in seemingly ineffective ways.

Jason Momoa hit the set in full force.

That freedom and randomness of the character requires the actor to be willing to exploit it in his performance, and Jason Momoa entered the set in full force. Putting aside how effective Dante is as a villain, the boundless chaotic energy Momoa maintains throughout FastX It’s always a fun item. There’s no other way to say it: Dante is a weirdo, and Momoa indulges him with enthusiasm. It’s as if he’s watched all the films in one sitting and then emulated Dom’s manliness and predictable logic at every turn, whether in Dom’s face or on his own. It’s those idiosyncratic evil moments that set Dante apart from the other villains in the series so far, and Momoa deserves a lot of credit for preventing FastX from sinking under the weight of the film itself.

By comparison, Dom Toretto seems to drift from one moment of reflection on the meaning of family to the next, and Vin Diesel seems unconcerned whenever Momoa doesn’t force him to push Dom in a different direction, rather than repeating what we’ve heard from him before.

Vin Diesel seems indifferent.

Also, all the complex car scenes in FastX It doesn’t get to find an identity of its own either, which is very disappointing for a series that’s known for finding new and interesting ways to move vehicles through time and space, explosions… buildings, or even space, etc. Many of the action scenes from the previous films seem to have been reworked, remember when Hobbs and Shaw played tug-of-war with the helicopter? Well, now Dom will, but with two helicopters! Will this escalate matters? Yes. But does it offer anything new? both.

It’s no good that a series known for its slick vehicular mayhem has made us feel that hand-to-hand combat (especially one involving Charlize Theron’s Cypher) feels like a welcome change. Dante’s sinister scheme to roll a bomb through Rome to the Vatican makes for the most satisfying action scene, thanks again in large part to Momoa’s unpredictable behaviour, yet there’s still plenty of film left that can’t ratchet up the action any higher. Director Louis Leterrier does not do much to celebrate the elements of extremes or melodrama for which the series is known, leaving FastX He seems somewhat confused in both areas.

Dante’s attack on Rome forces the “family” to disappear and split up, pursued by the Agency, which leads to a plot dispersal of far more points of view than the content of the story can handle. Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tig (Chris Bridges) and Ramsay (Nathalie Emmanuel) continue in their supporting roles, with Han (Sang Kang) accompanying them as he has nothing else to do that day. Momentum slows down FastX Whenever he had to shift focus back to this story. We only come back to this set so Ramsay can talk about something technological while Roman and Teague argue about their hurt feelings over the dancing head puppets, or we have a reason to move the action to another city so another team member can start his next mission.

Momentum slows down FastX Whenever he had to shift focus back to this story.

John Cena’s character Jacob has been babysitting for most of the time FastXAnd while his subplot seems superfluous like the rest of the supporting characters, Cena’s comedic performance is first-rate and the chemistry between him and Leo Abello Perry as young Brian make for a welcome change from the comically imposed posturing of Team Roman. Sidelined, Letty (Michelle Rodrigues) finds herself trapped in a prison. Nothing meaningful happens to any of these characters per se, so any time spent away from Dom or Dante, or without any actual exciting action, becomes more and more difficult to justify.

It’s true that there are some moments of camaraderie shared by this group, but there are so many subplots that seem completely disconnected from one another that returning to them repeatedly doesn’t add anything of value. Because we already know that FastX The first of a two-part finale to the series (or a three-part finale if Finn Wiesel is right…), his efforts to marshal old and new characters into place for that finale feel not so natural and fluid, but rather stuffed, even for his A series that has always celebrated returning and new characters at the popular dinner table. Like many of the two-part films we’ve seen before, The FastX He ignores… or forgets… any conclusion to his own story. The time he starts asking questions that won’t be answered until next time in his last minutes makes it even worse.

Translated by Dima Muhanna

Fast X is the beginning of the end, but the race to the end of that beginning is a bumpy ride. Jason Momoa’s crazy, hilarious performance as Dante Reyes deserves much credit as one of the best Fast & Furious villains, but it seems to be the movie’s only defining element. There just isn’t enough food on the table to feed all of Dom Toretto’s ever-growing family, and director Louis Leterrier is unable to walk the fine line between hyperbole and logic that modern Fast films demand. There’s still plenty of time for the Fast Series to cross the finish line with first place, but this punctured wheel movie will make the last lap tough.

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